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Nov 25, 2008 04:26 PM

Bosch Dishwasher Problems

Does anyone have experience with a problem Bosch dishwasher? I've read about these previously and hoped mine would not be one but after almost two years it seems there's no power coming to it. It's one of the hidden control models and during an overnight cycle it just gave in and in the morning the door was opened to a pool of soapy water at the base of the tub.

The repair guy has been called. I hope the (out of warranty) repair isn't too close to the price of a new machine...

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  1. Before you pay the repair man to come out, disconnect the overflow hose that goes to your sink and see if there is some debris in either the hose ore the plastic device that sits next to your sink.

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    1. re: chipman

      And check the filter to see if there is gunk in it.

    2. It may be the control board. I replaced five of them in my Bosch dishwasher they had to rewire the thing.

      1. What's up w/ Bosch hidden control dw's? Mine is the kind w/ controls on the front; yes, you actually have to push BUTTONS!!! The horror... I've seen many gripes on this board about the hidden control panel Bosch's. They need to be made aware of the problems w/ those models. Mine is 4 years old and gets used daily and it kicks a$$! No signs of croaking and at those prices, it dare not. Adam

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        1. So, what was wrong with your dishwasher?

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          1. re: chipman

            The problem was that it was hooked up using plastic marettes (which melted) instead of the ceramic ones. Oops. Will have to pass this info on to our handyman who did the install. It was only a $200 visit from the repair guy to figure this out...

            1. re: neighborguy

              What's a marette? Same as wirenut? Had the exact same problem. Wires & wirenuts all melted together in the gangbox at the bottom of the dishwasher. Am lucky did not cause a fire.

              Found/fixed problem myself so saved a bunch. Assumed it was due to a loose wire, so just re-stripped all the wires and changed the wirenuts. Could it be something else? Supposed to use different type of wirenut (ceramic)? Recall defect? I better check it again.

              1. re: pharmnerd

                Also, used electrical tape to cover each connection. Found this article today:


                Seems the newer Bosch models have screw connectors in the junction box, to prevent the need for direct wire-wire connections.

                1. re: pharmnerd

                  Thanks. Good to know mine was the only goof.

          2. We moved to a new house and had always had a Sears Kenwood dishwasher but decided to "Move up" to a Bosch! Forget it, I now have to wash my dishes before putting them into the dishwasher and then clean off the debris and stuck on stuff after it comes out! I always used to wonder why people washed their dishes before putting them in the dishwasher! I thought maybe they were crazy, now I think maybe they have a Bosch. The only thing I can say in favor of it is that it is quiet. I complained on their website but all they said was "Most people have no problems and like it"

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            1. re: davidliddle

              I had a Bosch for 4.5 years, and it came with the house that I bought. Best washer I ever owned. Quiet, super-tall top rack, always got the dishes clean. Now that I've moved, I miss my Bosch. I really do have to rinse the dishes thoroughly before I put them in the washer. I usually wash by hand now. :(

              1. re: davidliddle

                Hmm. I wonder if it's your detergent rather than the Bosch dishwasher. I was always a scrub-and-rinse-the-dishes-before-loading gal, and after two years w/ my Bosch, I decided to test it a bit, since I recall reading the instructions that pre-washing was unnecessary. I also started putting the dishes very close together.

                Well! I must say the dishes come clean. Even egg and crusty stuff. And on the regular cycle. (Does anyone use the short cycle?) I've never used the "power scrub plus" cycle.

                Maybe you need servicing in that the spray isn't hitting well. I'd say something's wrong with your machine; it should (and for me, does!) clean off crud.

                1. re: davidliddle

                  The filter cup does need to be checked occasionally. More importantly, when you replace it, make sure it's secured properly. That seemed to fix a loose food particle problem I was having.
                  Not as quiet as the Mieles I've tried to listen to...but cleans very quietly and very well.

                  1. re: davidliddle

                    Hi I was just doing a search on problems with bosch diswashers and came across your comments. I have the exact same problem! I am so fed up with it. It is getting worse and I had a previous bosch and it did the same thing. I only bought another because Consumer Reports gave them top rating. Other people do have this problem and they know it - I am one of them.

                    1. re: hacann

                      no shock there. Bosch and Thermador have been know for their uncaring and borderline abusive customer service. Unless you have a desire to argue with the same moronic "customer service rep" over and over and over for a year or more about a problem with your appliance, I would certainly suggest not considering Bosch or Thermador for a second. If you do, don't say I didn't warn you.

                      i considered documenting (on the internet) my year-long battle with Bosch with regard to $3500 ovens that simply did not work, but after they wore me down so much, i just didn't have it in me. the bottom line is that they agreed to buy back the crap they sold me after I had my lawyer contact them (at which point they conceded immediately) . it's amazing they let it come to that.