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Nov 25, 2008 04:17 PM

Anything to recommend in Hudosn, Qc?

Okay I'll play. I thought the question was enough. What do you recommend in Hudson?

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  1. I can only suggest two places, and unfortunately can't recommend either first hand, as I usually only head up to Hudson during the summer for Finnegan's flea market and not for restaurants. :-)

    That said, I've heard good things about the Willow Inn, as well as a B&B called Brigadoon that is supposed to have an amazing afternoon tea. For the latter, I'm pretty sure you'd need to reserve in advance as it's not really a walk-in restaurant.

    The Willow Place Inn - 208 Main Road, (450) 458-7006

    Brigadoon - 29 Main Road, (450) 458-0233

    Good luck!

    1. I've had excellent food at Carambola Café located at 72 Cameron St. very near Main St. in Hudson. It's a BYOB serving rather pricey but delicious modern fusion cuisine available in both tapas and full size portions. It's small - maybe 30 seats with an open kitchen. The only caveat is that it is the only BYO restaurant I've been to that charged a corkage fee ($4.00).