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Nov 25, 2008 03:34 PM

Deli Chicken Salad

I'm wondering if anyone has some suggestions as to where I can find good chicken salad from a deli. I am looking for a deli in northeast Philadelphia or in Montgomery county. I have tried several places in the northeast but many of the places tend to put too much mayo in their chicken salad and it tends to be too heavy for my liking. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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  1. I live in West Chester which is way out of your way. But, I love Carlino's Markets chicken salad. The only good news is they do have their original store in Ardmore (I think Mont. Co.)

    1. I swear by Murray's deli chicken salad in Bala Cynwyd on Montgomery Avenue. It's to die for.

      THe ONLY place that has better chicken salad is a little deli/restaurant called GSB, which is located in the GSB building at One Belmont Avenue in Bala Cynwyd.

      Their chicken salad is so good it's been known to make grown men cry. Seriously, the chicken is so fresh and the chunks are so generous, that I have literally NEVER had chicken salad that is better. And I should know, because since it has always been a particular favorite of mine, I usually order it wherever I go for lunch.

      If you LOVE chicken salad, you HAVE to treat yourself to GSB's.

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        Would that be all white meat chicken salad made with Hellmans? I am a complete chicken salad snob, and hate ordering it out since it's so rarely up to my standards! But I do love chicken salad, so it's always good to hear a place recommended. I like it chunky, and not chopped finely. Can you elaborate a bit on how this place in the GSB makes theirs?

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          Whole Foods makes it with big chunks of chicken. It is the only chicken salad hubby will eat.

          1. re: crazyspice

            I just wanted to add in an update here. I tried the Whole Foods chicken salad the other day. I thought it was very good. I liked the fact that it wasn't as heavy as some of the other deli chicken salad I have tried. Thanks for the great suggestion.

            1. re: YoccosFan

              You are welcome. I am happy you enjoyed it.

          2. re: mschow

            GSB uses ONLY white meat chicken. They are giant chunks (some about 1" square or larger) . What is most apparent is how unbelievably FRESH it tastes. I would be willing to bet that they use only the best mayonnaise.

        2. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. I will check out these places and report back. Thanks again for the help!

          1. Has anyone tried the chicken salad at Hershel's in the Reading Terminal Market? I like their cole slaw (not that a good slaw means anything about their Chix salad!)

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              Gross Gourmet in Doylestown is THE BEST!!! So much so that we drive 45 mins just to buy it there.

              1. re: hillster

                I have heard great things about this place, I've never been there as I just can't get past the name!! Is it still on Swamp Rd,?? (another appetizing name!!)

                1. re: RichieT

                  If this is the place with the "best" fried chicken, we were extremely disappointed.