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Nov 25, 2008 02:53 PM

Cole's Re-Opening Party - 100th birthday Dec 6 noon-4

SF Chowhound passing on info. I will be going with my family in LA. We're friends of someone involved. Sad sister I am to not know the exact role.

Sandwiches, pies, and sides will be 100 cents a piece.

I have never been here (used to go to Philippe's as a child).

I understand there are events Friday and Sunday too but don't have that info.

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  1. Cole's has always disputed that they, not Phillipe's, created the original french dip. The last time I stopped in for lunch, over a decade ago, it was downright dark, fairly empty, and depressing. The roast beef was thickly sliced and a generous serving, but was dry and fairly tough -- definitely needed the jus for moisture and flavor. Biggest problem, however, was parking -- either expensive lots or hit-and-miss meters. Before everyone heads to Cole's for the bargain opening, better call and find out where to park.

    1. coles has been, for a long time, my fav beef sandwich place. I cant wait.

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      1. re: rednyellow

        me sandwich and part of its original charm was that it was downright dark and fairly empty.

        1. re: petradish

          yes, i think the charm may be lacking now, due to the sort of spic and span redo.

      2. Well, my family and I went last night to celebrate the re-opening. It was my first time and they must have changed the look a bit because it was not dark. We'll get some pictures up but it has a dining area with booths, and there is a very nice bar area. Nice as in old, fashion, classic bar with classic cocktails.
        I had an old fashion - they use Rittenhouse Rye bourbon, freshly cut, generous orange rind.
        I also had a Manhattan - they use cherries they have soaked in brandy. Fantastic. I savored it bite by bite.

        I really want to try their Irish Coffee-- they use fresh whipped cream... next time.

        It was a very busy night. The bartenders were friendly, eager to serve you, slow right now - but because of the attention put into the cocktails which I'd rather have than fast. I anticipate this will change with time and experience with the cocktails. Many were ordering Sazerac's and just watching the preparation was satisfying.

        Food / Kitchen: I toured the kitchen and met the chef Michael. The entire kitchen is new, and at end of the night, very clean. The chef said recipes/ preparation are the same, but they've opted to use higher quality beef and lamb.

        I tried a bite of the mini sandwich. I like the bread-- tasty. The dip sauce was key. Cut of meat thicker than I expected which I liked. I need to go back and try a full, individually prepared sandwich.

        Pictures to follow! When I'm back here, we'll definitely come back.

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        1. re: rln

          Thanks for all the info "rin." As to parking, I'd park someplace not too far away and take the Dash bus (still only a quarter?). They used to have a map of the Dash bus routes inside the free downtown newspaper you see around the area. My friends have a store in Little Tokyo and they give me validated parking. Don't think I'll go today (December 6th). Too crowded I would think to enjoy the experience.

          1. re: Feed_me

            yep, it was too crowded worth a trek if you're already in the area today. but the sandwiches were just not that great, but hey what the hell it was only a dollar, right???

            parking there is definitely not easy, even on the weekends, although i managed to snagged a parking space about a block and a half away. but i think that was merely an exception to the rule.

        2. on the look - the old look was the basis for the toontown bar in who framed roger rabbit.

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          1. re: Jerome

            for years I've been told they made more money as a film location than as a restaurant.

            1. re: rednyellow

              judging by the crowds that were a couple yrs back i would most definitely have to agree with that.