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Nov 25, 2008 02:27 PM

Food Shopping on Thanksgiving Eve?

Okay tomorrow is the biggest food shopping day of the year. How many of you waited until the last minute to do all your grocery shopping this year? And are any of you having to make a oopsie how did I leave this off the list run tomorrow? This year I am in the latter category. I forgot celery. Duh! And I want my string beans to be really fresh and beautiful. Hmm I guess there is a third category at least. How many of you got stuck with a last minute request from your host or hostess and thus are forced once more into the breech on this craziest of all vittles gathering days? One year I waited til wednesday to do the whole enchilada and I wished I had worn body armor. Saw a cart ram into another cart hard and almost hurt an innocent toddler passenger. Good luck to you all tomorrow and a tip of the hat to those who Plan Ahead or eat out. Oh and Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow chowhounds!

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  1. I'd bought everything for tomorrow's efforts, and was happily contemplating a minimum of shopping yet. We also go down to visit my niece on Friday, when her dad/my brother is visiting from Tennessee, and have a sort of TG2. She's a busy career woman with a houseful of kids, and she always just orders in a packaged meal from Marie Callendar, quite adequate really, though any green vegetable included is totally boring. So this time I suggested I bring a dish of something more interesting, which means I do in fact now get to go do battle in the produce department again. Whoopee!

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      What loot (veggie) did you bring back from your raid Will? I finally got my green beans about eight thirty tonight when everything finally simmered down. The hardest part of tomorrow's dinner is making sure the green beans are piping hot. They get cold so fast.

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        Believe it or not, cabbage! I was going for Brussels sprouts, when it occurred to me that (a) those puppies are expensive, and (b) will the kids eat'em? Around the same time, I got this flash that I could resolve the question of whether to do braised cabbage with bacon, or scalloped cabbage, by doing BOTH in one dish: braise the cabbage (with bacon! Yes!) just to the tender-crunchy stage, then lay it into my big gratin pan with a sinfully rich bechamel and buttered crumbs on top. I bet even my cabbage-hating brother will have some of that!

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          Mmmmm. Sounds yummy Will. Post a post holiday update letting us know how yo bro liked it.

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            Everybody liked it, though it was rich enough (and there was more than enough other food) that only a little over half got eaten...which pleased my niece very much. As she scraped the remains into a bowl, she grinned at me and said, "You WERE going to leave this behind for us, weren't you?" Having no more fridge room at home, I took it as a compliment and agreed.

            I think I'm going to pull the same trick next time I'm making Brussels sprouts for a feast, since I have both braised them and scalloped them just like cabbage. Oughta be tasty.

    2. I went Monday around 2:00 pm and it was a zoo! I have to go back tomorrow :::shudders::::

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        I found myself low on household staples. We dine out on T-giving and I guess I just went brain dead re milk, etc. I went in the afternoon yesterday and it wasn't too bad. The worst part was the people standing around talking on their cell phones! By the time I left the store the lines to check out were long so I must have picked a good time. Happy Thanksgiving all!!!

      2. I work second shift and HAD to make two forays to two different supermarkets. Brussels sprouts were on sale at one place and I've recently discovered tasty ways to cook them, so I took a quick lunch-hour (9 pm) trip and was rewarded with few people, two pounds of sprouts, and a 20-minute search that yielded the only bottle of prosecco in the store.

        Wednesday I got bold and went to the other supermarket--the one I prefer--at 3 pm before work...almost ditched my plans when I saw the full parking lot, but I found a spot after circling once and went in armed with a grocery list, a stout cart, and a (somewhat forced) smile. I was in and out in 25 minutes, and managed not to trip over the free-running kids or ram the long-lost friends chatting in the middle of the aisle. I actually got to work early!

        We're feasting Friday because my husband has to work tonight. I may just go for a box of 'dinner' and a beer! Hope you all had a fantastic pig-out and little need for antacids...and lots of leftovers.

        1. This year I got my turkey over a week ago. Hit Costco yesterday evening (tuesday night.) Even got some cranberries there! Plus two pies and a David's Cookies mountain berry tart. But when I got home I realized I needed rutabagas, sage, and cornmeal. Doh! So guess I am bound for bedlam again this Thanksgiving Eve 2010. How about you? Anyone else out there crazy enough to enter a grocery store today? Happy Thanksgiving to all!

          1. Oh, I'll be at the store very late this afternoon/evening with the rest of the masses. Last year there was a darling lady on a scooter hauling A** around every corner in the store, and laughing her head off. She ran over my foot.