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Nov 25, 2008 01:49 PM

America's Taco Shop - Phoenix

I saw this place mentioned in a New Times blog so I swung by for lunch on a Tuesday.

It's in a converted house on 7th St. just North of McDowell, 2 doors down from the Coronado Cafe and across from a CoCo's. They claim to have the best Carne Asadad in town.

And you know what? They just might!

It's a somewhat funky, small place, with a lot of construction going on around it (new patios?). But it's also very charming in that restored old house kind of way. And it's already got a following, judging by the crowds of local office workers. If going with a group of more than 4, you might be pressed to sit together as most tables are small, as are the dining areas.

The menu is pretty simple... tacos, burritos, ceviche, quesadillas, etc. and most items in the $3-6 range. Chips and salsa are extra. They have sodas, mexican sodas and huge jugs of Mexican drinks... horchata, jamaica, tamarindo, etc. You order at the counter and stake out a seat where they'll bring you the food. Very informal though.

I won't do a full review since I only tried one thing... a carne asada burrito. But it was tasty enought to post about it. As mentioned, they were slammed with a lunch crowd so it took 15-20 minutes to get my order, but no biggie. For $5.95, my burrito with loaded with tasty carne asade and little else... no beans or rice fillers - just good beef, not dry or grissely, nor mushy. It tasted as though it was fire grilled, but was also moist. It contained some pico de gallo and guac, though I didn't notice any guac until the last few bites (must have loaded one end). And they serve it with a nice homemade salsa on the side, should you want to add more flavors.

So if you like Mexican and happen to be near, it's defintiely a place to check out. I think it might now be #1 on my list for satisfying burrito cravings. And I look forward to trying their corn on the cob, which is garnished with cotija cheese and spices. So if anyone wants to go on a lazy Saturday (when there's not the office crowd), it would make for a great Chow gathering.

Also, the name isn't any take on nationality... the place is named after one of the owner's daughters, America. And there is kind of a nice family vibe to the team running the show.

America's Taco Shop
2041 N 7th Street, Phoenix, AZ

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  1. The corn is very nice, as is the ceviche, which is served only on Fridays and Saturdays. There are no meats other than carne asada offered, but there is a bean burrito and a vegetarian quesadilla.

    The horchata is very good, I believe beer is on the way once a license is obtained.

    1. I LOVE a good carne asada burrito and have yet to find one as good as El Burrito Jr. in Redondo Beach, CA.

      I'm headed to this place for lunch asap. Thanks for posting.

      1. This place is indeed very good. I just wish the burritos were a tad bigger.

        Also the elotes (is that the right word for the corn?) were the highlight of the meal.

        More parking would be nice as well.

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        1. re: ipsedixit

          i agree - the elote just rocked my world. i will say i enjoyed dinner more than lunch, because its a crazy packed scenario then.

          and the bean and cheese burrito knocked me out. deeee-lish. for lard-free beans, i was impressed

        2. Visited this place today with co workers for the first time. Ordered the XL burrito and must say for the price was very dissapointed with the size. We had one heck of a wait for our food, service was decent at best, and the whole process seemed out of wack. I know people love this place but I was mildly impressed. It is one of the few places that have true char grilled asada, but come on 12 dollars for a burro, chips, and a canned soft drink. This proves how much of a carne asada waste land AZ really is.

          1. wow. before moving to LA i literally used to live about 500 feet from where this place is. i could probably roll a bowling ball to the front door.

            how does this place stack up against the carne asada at Asadero Norte de Sonora? do they do parilladas (grill platters)?