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how to tame an onion?

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I love red onions, but this past month, the flavor has just been too strong for a raw green salad. Any suggestions?

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  1. you can soak them in sugar water, this will sweeten them up.

    1. you can soak them in vinegar (or salad dressing). . . if you use red onions, they will turn hot pink and the flavor will be tamer.

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        I do make a tomato and onion salad that I love that combines both your method and cleopatra999's method. I slice onions into ribbons and cut the tomatoes a similar shape. Soak in a dressing of red wine vinegar and sugar. They are great straight up or even as a sandwich topper.

      2. Normally, you should rinse onion (other than sweet onions like Vidalias) in a few changes of cold water before serving raw.

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          a few changes in water is a bit of overkill. imo. a little soak in water works for me. or a quickie blanch.

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            I usually just soak in cold water till ready to use.

          2. A wise old chef told me to soak in water (thick slices) then squeeze them in cheesecloth or paper towels to get the "milk" out. Do this several times and you'll have tamed the beast.

            1. I just put the onions in a small strainer and rinse with cold water. I have never found the need to soak them in anything, but then I like onions.

              1. A few months ago, I was at a produce market where the owner was stocking red onions. I asked how come when I get them on a sandwich they are sweet but when I buy them they are often way too pungent. He told me that not all red onions are sweet onions and that if any onion is a sweet variety, the sign will say so. Also, that sweet onions are most often flattened at the poles.