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Nov 25, 2008 01:25 PM

Fig Jam and Goat Cheese Crostini Pairing

I found this fun little appetizer dish in the recipe section and I'm planning to make it on Thanksgiving. It's a very simple recipe in fact the title pretty much says it all. It also calls for fried sage leaves and i'm going to add prosciutto. I wanted to serve it with a wine and before making any final decisions wanted to consult the experts. So please, give me your input.

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  1. sparkling wine/champagne

    1. Champagne or sparkling wine certainly works.

      So, too, would a *softer* style of Loire Sauvignon Blanc -- instead of Sancerre, think Pouilly-Fume (NOT to be confused with Pouilly-Fuisse) or Reuilly (NOT to be confused with Rully), or even a Saint-Bris which, although it is in Burgundy, is made from Sauvignon Blanc.


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        Now, I AM confused!

        Good call,


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          Many wines will work. Just make sure you use a mere dot of the fig jam on top of the goat cheese -- or the app will be too sweet and consequently the wine will taste sour.

          Since this is an app, and crostini-based, I'd love Champagne with it. Rose Champagne would link up nicely with the fig.

          A Loire white would find some commonality with the sage leaves (even an inexpensive Vouvray, e.g.) and a Savennieres would also do that as well as have some toasty bread-ness in common with the crostini. That would be my choice if you were not going in the direction of bubbly.

          A Gavi, as Bill says, would certainly work and also have a nice sage/herb commonality.

          But given the holidays and that this is a munchy kick-off, a "let's get this party started"-kind of thing, I'd go bubbles. But that's me.

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              Off subject: Where the heck is that burger from pictured in your avatar?

      2. I do this with Gavi de Gavi (Cortese grape), and it pairs well.


        1. Thank you all for the great recommendations.