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Nov 25, 2008 12:54 PM

Chabaa Thai Bistro, Manayunk

We went there for lunch today and were delighted with our choices!
Fresh Spring Rolls were very fresh (and crisp.......)
Sai Grog, a Nothern style thai minced pork sausage with lime leaves, lemongrass, garlic, cilantro was a party in your mouth
We also had the Pad Krapao with fat, soft noodles, chicken, veggies and ground toasted red peppers, thai chilli peppers. AND Pad Kee Mao with shrimp. I can't decide which was better. All togehter our bill was $36.00 (one soda) and I have half of mine in the fridge:) I am not a Thai perfectionist, but if you enkoy the fresh taste abd delicate layers of flovors, you should try it.

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  1. We love Chabaa Thai!! They are the best (only) in Northwest Philly. They really are the best restaurant in Manayunk and totally reliable. BYOB is a huge bonus but I usually do take out. ten bucks for a huge portion and great food.

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      tried chabaa thai for lunch 2.12.9 food was excellent and will return, restaurant is indeed byob, but there is a $5 corkage fee added to the bill.

    2. completely agreed - it's my favorite thai in the philadelphia area on the whole!
      a little pricey but huge portion size and BYOB!
      some of my favorites are the chicken red curry, crab pad thai and chicken satay with cucumber salad. i do alot of take out here.
      outside in the summer they have a few tables right on main st.

      1. We ate an early dinner at Chabaa Thai yesterday afer dropping the chow-teen for a date at the movies in Manayunk. We took advantage of the BYOB to bring several bottles of cold beer. The place was practically empty (OK it was like 5:15 pm) we were seated promptly in the downstairs room which is small but pleasant and had nice music going in the background. There are also a few tables outside.

        We ordered the fresh spring rolls which were excellent (two large rolls filled with shrimp, veggies, tofu and fresh herbs $7); some yummy chicken in green curry sauce (this came in a crock with ample amounts of chicken, bamboo shoots in a spicy coconut sauce, rice on the side...the colorful peppers noted on the menu were absent $14) and a very decent if not outstanding shrimp pad thai (colorfully presented with a fresh flower on top...had plenty of shrimp $20). I found everything to be very good and better than the Thai Pepper in Ardmore where we usually go for Thai.

        Was dissapointed at dessert there was no ice cream of any kind we each ordered the cocunut custard (kanom tuay $5) which wasn't that great...was curious why it came in 4 separate small bowls...never order this before...looked like it may have been meant for sharing we ordered two of them so ended up with 8 little dishes (do you think the waiter should have mentioned??)

        Next time we'll go for ice cream elsewhere!