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Nov 25, 2008 12:27 PM

Looking for pork shanks

I live in Nashua, but will drive to greater Boston to the north. Does anyone know of place I can get pork shanks?

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  1. i don't know for sure but suggest you call mckinnon's in danvers.maybe savenor's in camb. ?maybe a northerly Whole Foods? I get mine wholesale from Kinnealey's in boston.

    1. Don't know if you are making the chili from recent Esquire, but I just did and substituted pork butt. Happy to relate my findings.

      I had tried WF Brighton without luck. A friend also recommended Savenor's, but I was too impatient.

      1. Dewars in Newton carries Korabuta pork shanks - absolutely delicious.

        1. any supermart in chinatown will have it.