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Nov 25, 2008 11:31 AM


Can somebody direct me to a place where I can purchase Cannoli shells and the ricotta filling? I 'm in desperate need for a quick Thanksgiving dessert! HELP! ASAP! SOS! M*A*S*H!!!

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  1. Old World Deli in West Covina and Upland. If you call in advance, they'll make them for you. You might want to try the Claro's Italian Market, too. Locations throughout southern California.

    Old World Delicatessens
    2648 E Workman Ave Ste 1, West Covina, CA 91791

    Old World Delicatessens
    821 N Mountain Ave, Upland, CA

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      EXCELLENT. I''m going to check out the Old World Del in West Covina as well as the Claro's in West Covina. Thanks a million for the tip!

    2. Monte Carlo Deli in Burbank; Claro's (best location is the one in San Gabriel). There was some place in Northeast LA that sold them cheap too -- do a search for "cannoli" and you should come up with it.

      1. Claro's definitely has them, I've bought them there before. The filling is very easy to make, just sweeten some fresh ricotta to taste with powdered sugar, and add things like tiny chocolate chips or the candied fruit if you must. I like chopped almonds and tiny chocolate chips. Then just pipe or spoon into the shells.

        1. Not sure of the name but they have shells and filling
          Tutto Latte
          1233 N. Vine Street
          LA, CA

          1. Not sure of the name but they have shells and filling

            Tutto Latte
            1233 Vine Street
            LA, CA

            Eagle Rock Italian bakery also sells cannoli already assembled.

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              That's the place I meant -- Tutto Latte. They sell them in multiples of 40, I think, with the filling in tubs.

              1. re: Das Ubergeek

                They used to have the filling in a plastic piping bag, hummmm, a tub, interesting. I think the changed the name, but I drove by yesterday and they are still there.