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Nov 25, 2008 11:27 AM

Quinces at peninsula grocery stores?

Hi --

I want to buy about 4# of quinces for Thanksgiving pie-baking ... and I haven't been looking for quinces. Last night, I tried three likely stores and struck out.

Any suggestions will be gratefully welcomed. Prefer mid-peninsula if possible. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I would check Draegers (San Mateo or Menlo Park) first, then Piazzas (San Mateo, up on the hill in Laurelwood Plaza). Then try Mollie Stones, either Burlingame or San Mateo. Another thought--Sigonas, in the Stanford Shopping Center. Those are all good possibilities.

    1. Have you tried Sigona's in Redwood City? I have seen them at that Sigona's often ( but not the Palo alto one).

      1. Dean's Produce, on Broadway in Millbrae (very close to Shanghai Dumpling,) carries them along with lots of other really nice produce and Middle Eastern breads, cheeses and other ingredients.

        Dean's Produce
        451 Broadway, Millbrae, CA

        1. Thanks. I found quinces at both Sigona's at Stanford Shopping Center and Piazza's in Palo Alto. Didn't need to check your other recommendations.

          Happy Thanksgiving to 'Hounds and everyone else -- Howard