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Nov 25, 2008 11:26 AM

Montauk Club weddings and events

I'm having my wedding in several months at the Montauk Club, but I understand they've changed chefs since Joel, the guy I met. The new chef used to work at Prune, I believe?

Anyone been there for a wedding or the like? How is it? The regular dinner menu Weds-Fri isn't exactly knocking it out of the park, but does a different chef handle events?

Granted, the staff could change again by the time my wedding comes around, but I'm curious...

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  1. I had my wedding there in May, with little notice about the changing of the chef. We planned out the new menu with her, but otherwise just had to trust that it would be okay. And I was really happily surprised by how good everything was. I haven't been back since, so I'm not sure how what we had compared to their regular menu. I was also under the impression that the chef had changed again since then? But maybe that was just gossip.

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      This is very helpful, thank you! I'm actually suspecting that the "usual" kitchen staff of old is doing the regular dinners, since it's not much more than steak, roast chicken, etc.

      Do you mind telling me what you had served? I'm actually fairly easy to please, I just want it all cooked there onsite, and to be sort of homey and delicious. I don't want exotic, just rich and filling so people enjoy.

      Do you remember the chef's name? I'll be able to put two and two together when I speak with them to see if it's the same woman.

      Thank you!

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        Hey! I'm having my wedding at the Montauk Club in August and would love any tip[s or advice that you both picked up while having it there.


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          went to a wedding there in august, food was fine, roast beef, pasta, salad, etc... i would say it def fit the bill of "homey and delicious". i do not know for a fact if they used Montauk Club's inhouse food, tho...

      2. I just got married there. The food was good. (i believe it's a different chef since the last posting, which is pretty old.) The waitstaff was also very good.

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