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Nov 25, 2008 10:57 AM

Ed's Restaurant - Calgary

Have been invited to a dinner here ---- being new to Calgary I'm not sure what to expect..............any thoughts?

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  1. Thought this thread deserved a bump since it seemed overlooked. Surely there's a hound who's been to Ed's recently who can comment? All the feedback from non-CHs has been positive, but my info is 6+ months old.

    1. I find it to be decent food. It would not however, be my first pick of places to go to. Right next door is the Embarcadero. They have a great selection of oysters there.

      The wings are good at Eds though.

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        Great wings but it's a place that no one will complain about when they leave but it's nothing ground breaking. Great for larger groups since they have different rooms and good grub.