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Nov 25, 2008 10:31 AM

Vegas special night - narrowing it down...

Hey all. So after this thread here:

I've narrowed down my choices to either Picasso or one of the Andre restaurants. Rationales so far:

- Alex's Fall menu unappealing to me
- Guy Savoy way too expensive
- Robuchon- also a bit outside my price range

I've been to Andre at the Monte Carlo and liked it quite a bit, which is why I was considering one of his others.

So, I'm all ears- Picasso or one of the Andres (and which?) My order of importance:

Food: 80%
Decor: 19%
All the rest (service, etc.): 1%

Thanks hounds!

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  1. Have you considered Alize at the Palms? It is owned by Andre and is on the top floor of the Palms.

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    1. re: Eric

      Yeah, that's on the list- what about his original location? Is it still open? Is it better than the MC and Palms locations?

      1. re: BigBrother

        Personally, I like Alize better than Andre's downtown, although if you've never been, it is the original and classic location. However, Alize has great views and terrific service.

        I've been to Picasso twice, both for very special occasions; although the special occasions were great, and the room is stunning, I found the food to be just okay. If you love Picasso (the artist), I'd suggest a drink at the bar so that you can take a look around, and dining at Alize.....

        1. re: lvnvflyer

          My experience at Picasso has been remarkably similar to lvnflyer's also on two occasions. I certainly wish the food had lived up to the grandeur of the Picasso paintings under the backdrop of the Bellagio fountains. It was by no means bad though. I just think there are multiple other places that you'll do better at similar prices.

            1. re: BigBrother

              Well, Alex for one but that has been ruled out.

              Restaurant Charlie is in the same price range as Picasso and has a more interesting and creative menu. I've dined a la carte in the restaurant and 14-course tasting in Bar Charlie. Both were downright fantastic. The restaurant experience cost around $400 for two including a $120 bottle of wine which seemed reasonable to me considering the quality of the food and service. My experience at Bar Charlie was insanely expensive ($1000 for two including wine pairings) but one of the most memorable of my dining experiences.

              Alize offers a rare combination of amazing location/scenery and fantastic food. It's French influenced which I think is what you were looking for. I would choose this over Picasso by a hair.

              Look over the recent reviews of Le Cirque. Based on those, I can't get there soon enough.

              Just out of curiousity. What about the menu at Alex turned you off? From my experience, the tasting menu there is one of the best. If you are into wine, they do a great job with the pairings with some real high-end wines that rarely can be obtained by the glass.

    2. You might also consider Le Cirque which was recently reviewed by uhockey and cgervais. I have not yet dined there but will soon based on their reviews.

      1. I had the best meal of my life at Alize! Highly recommend. Amazing food and view and the tasting menu is absolute perfection!

        1. We settled with Picasso

          Pretty reasonable and reviews favorable

          My review in...15 days