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Nov 25, 2008 10:28 AM

Places to eat Persian Mulberries

I know it not the time of year to eat them....

But I would like to know places where to eat them when they are in season. I had them for the
first this year and enjoyed them very much.

I would like to try them in desserts or what ever. I hear that chefs make great things with them.

I live by the foothills Pasadena, but will drive any where with my family.

Thank you very much.

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  1. the farmer's markets. unfortunately they are very hard to come by... a few chefs by them but the ones i know keep them to themselves. maybe someone else has a more promising answer.

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      I saw at least three vendors at the Saturday Santa Monica farmers market on 3rd (this past summer) who were displaying mulberries for sale, with one offering samples. If I recall, I picked up two of the small plastic clamshells for around $8 per during their brief season.

      Mulberries used to be hidden out of sight by the rare vendor who offered them. My guess is that mulberries are now pulling in more growers or existing growers are growing more mulberries. The demand has always outstripped supply because of the huge demand from the Persian community as well as some restaurants. I recall paying $10 per in the past, so either there was an abundance of berries this year, or demand has fallen off - I like to believe it to be the former.

      Mulberries are great in a homemade shortcake with lots of whipped cream or creme fraiche; incorporate into homemade ice cream - add them into the ice cream just before finishing and gently fold them in; serve on a slightly tempered ice cream; adorn a pavlova along with a reduction of framboise liqueur and berries. I'm a simpleton so this is only a shortlist of what you could easily expand on. Keep it simple and highlight these extraordinary berries. The only problem is waiting for them to come into season...

      1. re: bulavinaka

        Thank you for the help.

        I was hopeing to find a place where I could eat them at a sit down place but I guess I'll have to stick to the farmers market.

        Is there any farmers market in the S.F. valley that sells them in season?

        I hate to drive down to the S.M. market all the time.

        Thanks a ton,


        1. re: Dayote

          Last season - which seems about a thousand years ago at the moment - I had them at Animal, Campanile, Mozza and Anisette. Grace and Sona too? Possibly.

          1. re: condiment

            I think I read that Lucques sometimes features them in desserts. I'd check with Grace and Hatfield's, too.

            I grow my own. :)

    2. Downey's in Santa Barbara features them every season. They're fine but far from the most-important reason to patronize that great restaurant.