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Nov 25, 2008 10:19 AM

Where can I buy Dulce de Leche?

I'm looking for dulce de leche. I've been to several shops, but have yet to find it. This is like looking for the holy grail.

I did buy some dulce de leche syrup made by Hershey's. (I never knew they made it). But I need the real stuff!!!

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  1. hah awesome. I was in the same predicament for years, until a couple months ago. In terms of manhattan, plenty of bodegas have them in the lower east side/chinatown area. One in particulary was around Broome and Elizabeth a "Chinese Hispanic Bodega" I think it said. Had some in the front. Mmm. Enjoy!

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      Oh I was referring to the condensed-candy of it. Syrup? not sure. Check out bodegas in the lower east side.

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        Might also check some of the Hispanic markets in Essex Market as well.

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          i recently made cupcakes and used this for the topping....The kind I used this time comes in a can and its from Chile – looks like this:
          I prefer to use the kind from Argentina (looks like this: because its silkier and more tasty but since i didn’t have time to run to Corona for the Argentina kind. You can get it at any of the really Spanish supermarkets in Queens. they have it at CTown in Corona.

        2. I eat this every morning for breakfast!

          Whole Foods Union Square carries it, but there are frequent droughts and,last time I checked, a few days ago, they were still out of it.

          WF Houston Street and WF TimeWarner do not carry it. (When I say "it," I am referring to La Salamandra brand which, to my taste, is far superior to the brand pictured on Amazon, La Paila, which is carried by Fairway.)

          Citarella on East 75th Street usually has La Salamandra brand.

          If all else fails, you can find cajeta at a Mexican grocery; this is not the same, as it is usually made from the milk of goats, not cows. But it is pretty good, too!

          If anyone finds additional sources of La Salamandra brand dulce de leche, please post here, as I get nervous when my stocks run low!

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            Take one can of Carnation condensed sweet milk. Remove top on the can. Place in boiling water, immersed halfway up the can. Leave it boil, I dunno, 20 mins? and bingo, dulce de leche. Add some canela and vainilla and stir.

          2. Thanks guys. I found the La Salamandra brand at the Food Emporium on 3rd Ave & 82nd. (It was near the peanut butter).

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              That is the brand that is carried at Williams-Sonoma, when they can keep it in stock (at least in my city).