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Nov 25, 2008 10:03 AM

Best Taco Shop Style Carne Asada Burritos In San Diego.

Currently, my favorite taco shop for carne asada burritos is Vaqueros a.k.a. "The Barrel". It seems that most taco shops are "hit or miss" or they change over time. "The Barrel" seems to consistently make a good carne asada burrito.

Another place that I had great carne asada burrito at recently was El Roberto's. It's obviously a branch of the Roberto's chain but it has the oldschool Roberto's flavor. However, I'm not sure how consistent the quality is as I have only been there once recently. It is located in a little stripmall off Clairemont Mesa Blvd near the 15 Freeway.

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  1. Try La Posta #8 on Washington almost next door to Bronx Pizza. Their CAB is pretty tasty

    1. The very best carne asada I've yet to find is at Rudy's in the Eden Gardens area of Solana Beach, as well as a new location in La Costa. Their carne asada is so beefy as to taste much like a rustic, artisan-made beef jerky, but with none of the toughness.

      One of the best features of their carne asada is the "just right" amount of char that they achieve (though "just right" may be too timid a description where parts border on looking burnt, but alas never is). The resulting char exudes a rustic smokiness and aroma that one would swear was done on an outdoor grill a la Yaqui.

      The other is the overwhelming sense of umami - savoriness - that they achieve in the taste. I wouldn't be surprised if they spike their marinade with a bit of soy sauce to achieve this. However they do it they must possess some real serious mojo to come up with a taste this good!

      Though you're looking for CAB's, I think their CA is best presented in their torta. In their torta they are able to keep the morsels of CA more coarsely cut, the form that they are best tasted, especially when eaten open-faced. (I usually discard the top bun and, sorry, eat it with a fork and knife in order to strike a better balance between the beef and the bread)...

      They also use a better cut of beef for their CA's destined for their tortas than they do their burritos.

      If Rudy's is new to you, why not give it a try!

      1. I have always wondered about who owns Roberto's.

        Guy must be the richest cat in San Diego.