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Nov 25, 2008 10:02 AM

moderately priced dinner in Great Barrington?


We are looking for a moderately priced dinner in Great Barrington (route 7 between Sheffield and Stockbridge if it helps) for tomorrow night.

This would be for a party of 4, including a 5 year old foodie.

Style of food: flexible <if they did chicken piccata, the 5 year old foodie would be very happy!>
Atmosphere: flexible

Thank you for any suggestions


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  1. If you are willing to go to W. Stockbridge, which is a few minutes out of the way, I would recommend Rouge.

    1. I didn't want to continually sound the Rouge horn, but always think it's a great place with a range of food options and very friendly to children. However, you could also try the bar area at Castle St. Cafe. Right in the middle of GB, and reasonable, decent food. The restaurant itself is good too.

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        Route 7 Grill is perfect for your situation on route 6 between GB and Sheffield. I went last week with my two year old grandson and his parents We all enjoyed our dinner - I had a glass of excellent pinot noir and the whole bill was about $60. They have lots of variety on the menu and it is very kid friendly.

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          We wound up going there. The food was good. My daughter wasn't very hungry, so shared my pork spare ribs with me.


          Wife had the Kobe beef, flavor was nice, but the meat was a little tougher then I would expect from Kobe. The fried onion strings were marvelous, and the sweet potato fries nicely done. Presentation was nice. Portion size was excellent.

          Friend had the brisket, the meat was overpowered by the bbq sauce that they put on it. There was very little if any smoked flavor to it. The sauted greens, were sort of bland, could have used a little brightness.

          I had the pork spare ribs (large and moist according to the menu). It was a nice sized portion, they were a tad dry, and had the same overpowering bbq sauce on them. I had the fresh steamed beets, it was a very simple side, steamed beets, salt and pepper. Got the mac & cheese for my daughter to share.

          All said and done, it was a nice meal, personally given the boasted about fresh local ingredients, I would have done more to show case them. Worked more on the flavors of the meats and sides.

          I would go back.


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            I've only eaten at Route 7 once, but have to completely agree with aholsber. We loved the onion strings (the best thing 3 of us had), but the meats were way dried out and likely unimpressive even if they had been succulent. Other sides were very average. It was a quiet week night, and I wondered of my experience was typical. Would try again at lunch, as it's pretty place and comfortable, but a smokehouse with dried out meat blows it for us return local diners.