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Nov 25, 2008 09:51 AM

Any places serving weekend brunch on this Black Friday?

Ideally I would still be full from Thanksgiving sport-eating this Friday, or at least have a leftover turkey sandwich propped precariously on top of my distended belly watching Football. However, this year I have some out of town guests which means Thanksgiving out , and plans for some brunch the next day.

Does anyone know if any of the well known brunch spots are giving little ol' Friday weekend credentials in order to help sate the hunger of holiday shoppers? Or a place that typically has brunch service of Friday anyway?

I was hoping for the E. Village as a convenient locale. I am in love with the online menu of this place Joe Doe ( ) , across from Prune. They have jewels like pork jowl benedict on the menu, and a Philly Tongue Steak sandwich (phew!). Subtopic: anyone tried this place? Do I seem obsessed with food from the face? I haven't checked to see if they're open for brunch Friday but I'm not optomistic. God only gives us so many gifts to be thankful for.

Anyway, any advice would be helpful and appreciated. Oh, and we've got a vegetarian weighing us down like a side of brussel sprouts, fyi.

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  1. Clinton Street Baking Co serves breakfast during the week.

    1. Joe Doe is amazing! I wandered down to 1st today to check out the brunch at Prune, and upon seeing the line decided to head across the street. The menu at Joe Doe drew me in, and the "Corned Duck Hash" with poached duck eggs on top was superb. The rest of the menu, including the homemade mutton sausage, pig jowl benedict, and pork butt omelette looked great too. I can't wait to go back for dinner.