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Nov 25, 2008 09:30 AM

Inexpensive dinner for group in/around Meatpacking Dist???

I’m trying to arrange a small gathering for a friend in or close to the meatpacking district for approx 6-8 people. Looking for somewhere fun with good food, but b/c of some of the people coming, need it to be reasonably priced. Can anyone pass along any suggestions? Any cuisine other than Indian will work…

Thanks in advance…

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  1. The Hog Pit is Inexpensive. It's a fun place also. I attached the website.

        1. Highline is probably your best bet. Alternatively La Nacional, Malatesta are both nearby chowish options. If you want to go very cheap, Corner Bistro is always a great place for burgers and beers.

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            I went to HIghline for dinner with a group - the food was good and it was incredibly cheap but the music was SO loud that conversation was impossible! I recommend the place if you either don't want to talk about anything serious or you'd rather not hear what the other people are saying....if you really want to have a conversation, this is not the place.