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Nov 25, 2008 09:24 AM

Chive Restaurant in San Diego Closed?

Is Chive Restaurant in San Diego Closed?

I just heard that from a reliable source.

Any information would be greatly apperciated. And also if anyone knows what is going in its place.

I always thought Chive was kind of a pioneer in San Diego for the Design-heavy restaurants that have been popular this decade.

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  1. Yelp has it flagged as Closed, but the Chive website is working normally and doesn't mention anything. Hmm.

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    1. re: MrKrispy

      Chive closed?!?1...nobody tells me nothin'!....i love that place...possibly the original 'groovy' san diego restaurant with real still think about some type of foie gras scallop dish i had there about a year ago...delightful......oh well...........
      i guess it had a pretty good run restaurants go...hey, i know it's politically incorrect, but who does a good foie gras?

      1. re: hungrywop

        I think Foie Gras is nearly impossible to get in San Diego now.

        The old Laurel used to, but they got picketed.

        Most people in San Diego don't know what the hell it is anyways.

        Good topic for another thread.

        1. re: hungrywop

          For foie, I like Cavaillon. Lots of places still have foie. It won't be banned in California until 2010, IIRC.

          1. re: mikec

            A number of places in SD still serve foie. The foie at Cavaillon is good. I spoke once with chef Kennedy at The Better Half. He said he serves foie if you call ahead a day in advance to request it.

            1. re: psychotron

              Great tip on The Better Half.

              Anywhere else downtown/uptown?

              1. re: stevewag23

                Bite in Hillcrest has a Foie medallion and a Foie Creme Brulee on the menu. Looks like a different presentation, but I had enjoyed the Brulee on a previous visit.


                1. re: stevewag23

                  Cowboy Star has foie and delectable sweet breads.

                  1. re: sdpanda80

                    wow. Good to know.

                    I thought Cowboy Star was a burger spot.

        2. It closed about a month ago- I don't have any more info about it. I hope we don't see a wave of these...

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          1. re: bethsd

            I'd be very surprised if we didn't. Restaurants are notoriously under-capitalized and when there is no money moving in the economy that can't help the situation.

            I'm wondering about Terra, it's been closed every time I've gone by since the beginning of the month and that didn't used to be so. There was a note taped to a door one Saturday telling the produce company that no one would be in until 2 pm; that sort of implies they may have decreased their hours of operation in order to pare expenses.

          2. I tried to go for happy hour about three weeks ago and found it closed. Someone who was unloading some supplies on site told me that they would be opening a pan-Latin restaurant in the space (if my memory serves me correctly).

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            1. re: Katherine H

              Yes, the owner (also Laurel and Kensington Grill) recently sold the location. It will apparently reopen as an upscale Mexican restaurant.

              1. re: tootallsd

                Wow. Another "upscale Mexican restaurant".

                Those seem to have the highest rate of failure in San Diego.

                Anyone remember Tesoro? Sami Lediki's Tamarindo?

                Didn't think so.

                Thanks for the info.

            2. 'Popular for the last decade' is a thing of the past. If you are able to dine in this economy, you're probably looking at how much extra those lights and curtains are costing you on your entree. Lots of restaurants are highly leveraged and lean on cash meaning they need to charge for all those extras as part of their overhead and that's where the problems begin. Last week I went to Donovan's, I called Saturday afternoon for an evening reservation that same day, there were no problems getting a table, that would not have happened last year. There will be more casualties.

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              1. re: cstr

                "There will be more casualties."

                A Blood bath.

                My friends have started predicting which places will be the next to fall.

                1. re: stevewag23

                  And which ones are on the top of the list ?

                  1. re: honkman

                    I keep thinking Jayne's Gastropub is next to go. I'd love to see Sea Rocket Bistro stay in business, but lately it seems empty.

                    1. re: ginael

                      We were at Jayne's Gastropub a few times over the last few weeks (and had some very good meals) and at least at weekends is what hard to get any reservation before 9pm.

                      1. re: honkman

                        I agree. Jayne's Gastropub has been busy every time I have gone.

                        That includes a Wed, Thurs, and Sat night.

                      2. re: ginael

                        Sea Rocket has had some good crowds lately when I've been by. 2 weeks ago every place down 30tth street was PACKED as we drove from South Park to Adams Avenue. It was a good sign.

                        1. re: Ewilensky

                          not sure it was them, but a few groups had a 30th Street pub/restaurant crawl on the same weekend. Good sign regardless.

                      3. re: honkman

                        Not to pick on the same restaurant group, but I have to think Laurel is on the ropes.

                        I live close to there and they are never busy.

                        I also think design-wise, they ruined a iconic restaurant, with the whole modern thing.

                        I think their food is interesting, but it the price points are very high.

                        It just seems like a symbol of the bloated, excesses of the up economy.

                        Rest in Peace.

                        1. re: honkman

                          Also, I would have to think Modus.

                          Which makes me sad.

                          Anyone been there recently?

                          I should go support them.

                    2. Update:

                      La Hadas now occupies the former Chive location and offers happy hours from 5pm to 7pm as well as 10 pm to midnight that includes half off their seafood bar, some of their appetizers and of course, drinks. 558 Fourth Ave.

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                      1. re: stevewag23

                        Well? Did you try it? Was it any good?