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Advent calenders

Do I have the name right? A calender leading up to Christmas with small doors to be opened up daily, each containing a chocolate. Anyone know where they can be purchased?

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  1. Laura Secord has them - I saw them earlier this week at either the TD centre or exchange tower location.

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      In past years I've seen them at Shopper's Drug Mart, near the Terry's Chocolate Oranges and Pot of Gold boxes of chocolates in the seasonal items section.

    2. Depends on where you are but essentially any German/European food store should have them. To the east, Mainly Cheese in Ajax usually stocks them. In the west Denningers have them (as well as their Stollen and non alcoholic Gluehwein). I'm sure Brandt would stock them as well...

      1. I usually get the Lindt ones...they have a little shop in the basement of the Bay (Eaton Centre). The chocolates are much better than those you can get at a drugstore. I imagine the Laura Secord ones are yummy too...

        1. I don't know if they still have them but I bought some at Laura Secord a few years ago for my kids. I chose them specifically because instead of being little doors that you open, each day is a little box. I take them out with my christmas decorations every year and fill the little boxes with surprises, instead of having to buy new ones.

          1. I have bought some in prior years from The Nutty Chocolatier on Queen St. E.

            1. Walmart has a selection of licensed (Simpsons, High School Musical etc.) calendars for a few dollars and The Bay also stocks Godiva calendars.

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              1. I saw an ad insert for Home Sense this past weekend that showed that they sold the little chest of drawers style of advent calendar that you fill yourself. Haven't been to a Home Sense to confirm that this is true, though.

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                  I had no idea that they'd become so common. When I was a kid, my dad used to get good German ones from Brandt in Square One. Tonight I saw them in Shopper's, cheap too, like $1.50. While I'm not going to splurge for the best, I think I'll try to aim higher than the aforementioned cheapies at Shoppers. How are the Laura Secord ones?

                2. I went to get the Lindt calendar the other day and noticed that there is also a Godiva one available - FYI :)

                  1. I noticed this morning that Starbucks has them on sale (though didn't note the price). Their chocolate, in my experience, is actually pretty good. That being said, Lindt's probably better.