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Dec 19, 2003 10:02 PM

Tacos in Silver Lake ?

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Hi. I'm new to the area. I see lots of Mexican places driving around the neighborhood. Who has the best tacos?

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  1. Tacos Villa Corona on Glendale Blvd. in Atwater.

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    1. re: h2obemo

      And not just tacos at TVC either.
      Their nauchos are fantastic. And if in the mood for breakfast, the egg-potato-spinach burrito is served at all times.

      1. re: h2obemo

        I hate this place. no freakin pork + attitude = dump.

        1. re: h2obemo

          i'm sorry you hate this place. i love this place. my experience is that they have zero attitude. the wait can be long because it's slow food, everything from scratch. just thought i give a different perspective on such a strong post.

          1. re: revets2

            I went the other night for the first time. Steak nachos looked really good, although my son couldn't find any cheese on them. My steak burrito was very tasty, although it left a greasy taste in my mouth, and no good salsas were available. My b.f. enjoyed his chorizo and egg burrito. It's pretty close to my house, so I'll probably be back, but I'm looking forward to trying out Antojitos Denise.

        2. My vote goes for El Gran Burrito, on Santa Monica and Vermont. Excellent carne asada and carnitas, plus they are open after hours, which makes for a great late night snack.

          El Gran Burrito
          4715 Santa Monica Blvd., L.A.

          Hounds are also fond of Yuca's, on Hillhurst. I think its very good, especially for carne asada, but not my favorite, primarily because of the lack of salsa choices.

          Yuca's Hut
          2056 N. Hillhurst Ave., Los Feliz

          Also good generally for Mexican, including vegetarian friendly potato tacos and fish tacos, is Allegria. It's a sit down restaurant (byob), with generally all around interesting mexican food with a gourmet twist.

          3510 Sunset Blvd., L.A.

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          1. re: DanaB

            El Gran Burrito isn't even in Silver Lake.

            1. re: Silent_Android

              I would think 5 minutes away would qualify...

              1. re: Silent_Android

                >>El Gran Burrito isn't even in Silver Lake. <<

                You brought this up on a thread posted "over two years ago" why?

                And how is the intersection of Santa Monica and Vermont not taco proximity to Silver Lake? El Gran Burrito is five minutes from my house, IN Silver Lake. In case you didn't know, the "border" of Silver Lake runs to Hoover in the west, a mere four blocks from El Gran Burrito. If you want the actual specs, here's the link to the neighborhood council site:

                Anyhow, I hate to see these old threads resurrected without necessity or addition, so I'll add.

                I still love El Gran Burrito. Very few places can beat it for consistency and quality (at all hours of the day, or, particularly late night), excellent carne asada and carnitas tacos.

                I also recently ate at Antonijero Denise (on Hollywood just west of Vermont), on the recommendation of longtime hound Thi (see this thread from a couple of months ago: ) and really loved it. Kicked Yuca's in the pants. Btw, Yuca's is in Los Feliz.

                As it were, if you want Silverlake "proper," I can think of two taco stands: Burrito King (Hyperion/Rowena) & El Siete Mares (on Sunset, between Parkman & Fountain). Know you more? Then divulge, rather than throw us off-the-cuff comments. And while you are at it, post about FOOD please, and not geography. Especially on an ancient thread.

                1. re: DanaB

                  I'm on your side Dana - i think el gran burrito is great - i also reocmmend the pork soup sometime: great heat + smoky chili fired broth - and definitely worth recommending "in silver lake."

            2. My current favorite LA restaurant is La Parilla (on Sunset, a block or 2 west of Silverlake Blvd). If you like grilled meats, they have plenty of them (I get the Patron Platter, which has steak, porkchop and chorizo), and I had a deeply satisfying bowl of Pozole there saturday.

              1. My vote is for the orange painted El Siete Mares, in the summer, for the Calamari Tacos (you get extra avocado if you ask nicely) and for the people watching from the little verandah. Beers in plastic cups from their main restaurant. Don't park in La Parilla's park space!
                On Sunset, just before Westerly & SilverLake Blvd

                1. We really enjoy Tacos Delta - the little taco stand on Sunset and Lucile. For a quick mexican fix and insanely cheap can't beat this place. The food is oftentimes better than the sitdown mexican places we try. Also, they have a small patio area behind the stand if you want to "eat in." I've never been disappointed in the mexican food, but I will say that (unlike Yuca's) their cheeseburger is lacking.

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                  1. re: smallgirlbigcity

                    i drove by this place for years but never stopped in. then i did. and was very dissapointed. meat was too dry! i tried it again. same deal.

                    1. re: mr mouther

                      Don't get the meat, get the fish...great fish tacos.