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Aquavit (or other restaurants) on Christmas Eve?

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Hey all-

Looking for a good place to have Christmas Eve dinner. I'm very interested in the seven fishes at Lupa, but called a day late and am on the waiting list. I'm thinking Aquavit could be the way to go; they have a traditional Scandinavian Christmas Eve meal, both in the cafe and main dining room, at $65/pp.

My questions: 1) Is there a place I should be thinking about for that evening that also does a great job with the seven fishes or otherwise does something special? 2) anyone been to Aquavit for Christmas Eve and can comment? 3) Since the menu and cost are the same in both places, what are opinions (or descriptions since I haven't been to either) of the cafe vs. the main dining room at Aquavit?


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  1. You can see photos of both rooms on the Aquavit website (aquavit.org). The cafe is more spartan/Scandinavian modern, whereas the dining room is a bit warmer and more formal. Is it the same menu in both rooms? I guess I'd rather be in the more formal one if I had a choice.