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Nov 25, 2008 07:40 AM

NYer headed to NO for a Saints game

I'm headed to New Orleans for a long weekend with my bf. We love eating out in NY and want to make sure we don't miss any favorites of our fellow die-hard foodies. Big fans of seafood but we're also looking forward to enjoying some staples of NO cuisine. Can't wait!!!

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  1. argh!!! we are doing the same thing, so upset there are no responses!!!! where did you wind up?

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      what is your price range? do you want casual, hole in the wall or high end? 3 of my favs on the casual side are

      Jacques-Imo's Cafe
      Red Fish Grill

      for breakfast i like these 2

      The Old Coffee Pot it's located in the Quarter on St. Peter next to Pat O's. get the calla cakes to share and the Eggs Sardau as a main.

      Surrey's Juice Bar and Café

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        I'm amazed there weren't more responses. THis question comes up almost weekly, and usually draws tons of responses. Have you already gone, or are you going for the Dec 28 game? I am also a NYer who went to NO last year for the first time. There is so much good food there you are not likely to have a bad meal. We did have one real klunker, which I believe was dinner at Brennan's. Everything else was outstanding, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some of the best was just was in very, very informal places at reasonable prices.

      2. Breakfast:
        Cafe Amelie


        A little nicer:
        Feelings Cafe
        Dante's Kitchen

        Cafe Giovanni
        Restaurant August

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        1. re: nikinik

          we are from NY and going to dec 28 game. i also was there last year for the first time and had some good meals. looking forward to this year even more now that i am armed with all of this info.

          not looking to go to places that are similar to the ones we have in NY, like stella! from what i read.

          1. re: agent99

            We had a fabulous meal at Bayona, albeit with slow service that night

            Great burger at CLover Grill (although you can obviously get a burger in NY). Fabulous breakfast at a small place on Bourbon street - wish I could remember the name. I have read many, many great reviews about Emeril's and wish we had given it a shot. Enjoy

        2. Pascal's Manale - Uptown
          1838 Napoleon Avenue
          New Orleans, LA 70115

          Drago's Seafood Rest. Downtown Across from Harrah's
          legendary charbroiled oysters
          Hilton New Orleans Riverside
          2 Poydras Street
          New Orleans, LA 70140
          (504) 584-3911

          R & O Restaurant - Mid-City
          216 Metairie-Hammond Highway
          Metairie, LA 70005
          (504) 831-1248

          serves a variety of foods including Creole,Italian,Sandwiches and Seafood.

          GW Fins - French Quarter
          808 Bienville Street
          New Orleans, LA 70112
          Tel: 504.581.(FINS) 3467

          Mandina’s. Downtown ?
          3800 Canal. 504-482-9179.
          Neighborhood Cafe

          Bon Ton Cafe - Downtown
          Cajun food prepared stylishly from original family recipes

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          1. re: mskenokid

            Well I just checked this post and it's been a while but...yes it was quite frustrating that no one replied- I just found threads relating to the topic and made reservations. I think our favorite meal was Cochon where we went on Saturday night. It was decadent and delicious and the service was friendly and warm, the atmosphere very comfortable....WE went to August for dinner on Sunday night and I had the best piece of bass(?) in my life but it's a bit proper for my taste- not as relaxed as I usually enjoy...we had lunch at Mother's on Monday which was great fun, felt like we were taking part in a very old tradition, had lunch at Lillette on Saturday- loved the vibe, had a warm beet and goat cheese salad and then...trout, I think- the dessert was pretty wild, some three-tiered caramel deal if memory serves. And I loved the neighborhood, we walked around and sat in the sun drinking coffee afterwards. We also made it to Cafe Du Monde not once but twice, in three days that's saying something. Loved sitting outside,listening to live music and watching the world go by while enjoying our beignets.All in all, we had a blast and cannot wait to return
            and eat more!

            1. re: colette99

              You made great choices despite the dearth of responses. Glad you had a good time. Too bad the Saints lost.