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Nov 25, 2008 07:13 AM

New to NY and want lunch in west village

I'm here visiting nyc from LA and want a cute lunch spot in the west village. I love italian, french, american cuisine...any suggestions?

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  1. This isn't quite "cute" but Perry Street has a great lunch special (or at least it used to, not sure if it has changed by now). It is $24 prix fixe and a beautiful setting.

    I've also had a more casual lunch at Extra Virgin, which was cute.

    1. Great neighborhoody Italian place called Grano on 10th and Greenwich Ave. excellent pizzas

      1. I second Perry St. Also, try Le Gigot on Cornelia or Pearl Oyster Bar (also on Cornelia), both open for lunch and darling, charming, etc.

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          Bar Pitto on 6th Ave. between Bleecker & Houston (cash only). Cornelia St. Cafe is American, very reasonably priced. I, too, like the pizza at Grano.

          1. re: tsiblis

            If you like Greek food, I highly recommend Snack. They have amazing and fresh food!

            1. re: jackieparis

              Do you mean Snack Taverna? Snack is in Soho. I like Snack Taverna--it's good for dinner, but I've never been for lunch.

        2. For American, Westville. It's small, but between the salads & sandwiches, it's really good. For more of a vibe, the Blue Ribbon Bakery. Neither place is super posh, just possessing lots of variety. Le Gigot seems a bit over the top for lunch, but it's good. I don't rec Pearl nor Home on Cornelia.