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Nov 25, 2008 05:06 AM

Butter Lane Cupcakes

What is the verdict??heard they were cream cheese frosted??don't like cream cheese frosting--

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  1. A friend got the pumpkin flavored. It was only very MILDLY pumpkiny. Frosting tasted pretty much like pure butter.

    1. They have American butter cream, French butter cream, and cream cheese frostings available.

      1. Tried the French Buttercream. It was light and tasty.

        1. You can sample the icing, which they keep on the counter. I got cherry, which was good, but the cupcake was not remarkable. Then again, I don't get the cupcake craze...

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            I can't wait to try these as I've read some very good things on cupcake blogs about them! From what I've read they do buttercream and french frosting - and you can have shots :)

            I have a whole cupcake tour planned in the area (We're staying nearby) in March!