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Nov 25, 2008 04:53 AM

Where to have knives sharpened?

I am going to my sister's for Thanksgiving. Her knives are not very good - they are low quality Wustoff (very thin). But they are SO dull. She got them for her wedding about 14 years ago LOL.

So whenever I am there I tell her to get new knives but she hasn't yet. I'd like to take hers in for sharpening while I"m there so I can cut an onion without cutting my fingers off and just to be nice.

I've tried doing some googling to find a knife sharpener place in elkhart indiana, but so far, no luck. What type of shop name would I look for?


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  1. I'd probably check out the restaurant supply places in whichever town your sister calls home. If they don't sharpen themselves they might be able to give a reccomendation. In the Chicago area, a lot of professionals take their knives to Northwest Cutlery to be sharpened.

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      Mind reader! I just got my work knives back from NW Cutlery. I had some friends take their knives to Sur La Table and they did a lousy job.

    2. Any well-known store or grocery store is likely going to have a local high school student in the back room simply running knives through one of their table top, store bought sharpeners. A real knife sharpener is a person. Restaurants will usually have someone that either comes in and sharpens them or someone local where they can be sent. If you can't find a reputable restaurant (don't go looking at Applebee's) look for a specialty food shop or deli or butcher shop. Make sure and ask how the knives are sharpened before you take them in. You want someone on a grinding wheel.

      Then again after re-reading your post, you might not want to spend lots of cash on this venture. In that case, maybe a simple trip to a place like Sur La Table isn't a horrible idea if your sister is just going to let the cheap knives get dull all over again.

      1. My suggestion? If you're not comfortable sharpening freehand on a benchstone and don't want to invest in a system like an Edge Pro Apex (they're worth it!), then how about something like this?

        No, I wouldn't run one of my good knives through it, but I got one for my mom who refuses to sharpen knives. This way when I'm there for a holiday and do some cooking, I can do so without the knives getting me nuts. At $11, it's a lot cheaper than taking it to a service.

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          I do have a henkles sharpener kind of like that. I think I'll just bring that and we can use it on her lower quality knives. Thanks!

        2. I've given up on trying to get my family to keep their knives in good condition. I now travel with my own when I have to make a trip and I know I will be cooking.