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Nov 25, 2008 03:15 AM

Bluz Brothers BBQ - Ashburn Va

I just wanted to tell everyone, I was out in Ashburn last week and ran into a nice little BBQ Restaurant. It was Wednesday night and it was also $1.00 bottle beer night.....Now I know that usually when a restaurant does that stuff, it's because it is a struggling restaurant, but this place was packed, the food was outstanding and they had live music.

Has anyone else been? What did you think?

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  1. I've been. I thought the ribs were pretty bad. The other four folks I was with didn't have much positive opinion to give either.

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    1. re: mcattrone

      Thats a bummer.
      I was there last week and thought it was great. I didn't have the Ribs but I did have the Brisket platter and the Pork Wings and they were both really good.
      I know it's new, did you visit when it first opened? If so, I am sure that they have ironed out the kinks by now, at least I hope..

    2. BZ BBQ, which used to be the Mighty Midget, is now located in Paeonian Springs (next to the gourmet store). There is no indoor seating, but the BBQ is fabulous (and the ribs and the sides). Can't say enough about this place. I'm from the South, home of good BBQ, and this place is as good as some of the best.

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        1. re: alkapal

          Wrong location.....We are talking Ashburn Va

          1. re: themeatguy

            i was referring to "b'z bbq", which according to sheri's post is in paeonian springs. i just did google sleuthing to figure out what place SHE was talking about.

            i can see YOU were talking about "bluz brothers bbq" in ashburn. it's in the title! ;-).

            what am i missing? is sheri referring to "your" place "bluz brothers bbq", but she is mistaking "b'z bbq" for "bluz brothers bbq"?

            in other words, "huh"? sounds like two different bbq joints.....

            1. re: alkapal

              OH...Ok I thought that when I was asking about BLUZ Brothers that they would talk about that, since that is the topic of this post....and not some other restaurant?

              So i guess I should be the one that is "Huh"....Right?

              1. re: themeatguy

                welcome to the chowhound way of going off on related (or *usually* related) topics! ;-). thus your resto post opens up "bbq in loudon county" thoughts. see? sometimes you'd never imagine where some posts end up!!

                enjoy your "meat" posts, too. (see, here i go, off topic!)

      1. I have been to Bluz Brothers BBQ...I was one of their first few customers when it opened up. I think their BBQ is very good. Could it be better...YES, it could. But, they are just starting out, and for what it is worth, the food is mighty tasty. I love their house-made potato chips...very tasty. One of my favorite dishes is their Bluz Brothers Burger...a perfect cooked burger, with fried onions, cheddar cheese, and pulled pork (And bbq sauce). It's damn good. For those who live in the area, check 'em out. The service is good, the food is consistent, and the price is reasonable.

        1. Awful. Ribs were dry, chewy and flavorless, like they had been cooked days before. Mac and cheese was gloppy and made from some kind of processed cheese. Even my 4-year-old thought it was bad. Pulled pork was likewise flavorless. Fries seemed to have been from the freezer. Although menu said meals came with cornbread, ours didn't. When we asked, the waitress said "Oh yeah, we don't have any right now." What! Are you kidding! How does a BBQ place run out of cornbread??? It probably wouldn't have been good anyway. Word of advice to the owners: pay more attention to the food quality and less on your decor.

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          1. re: JNG05501

   last 2 or 3 visits haven't gone well either. I know that the management recently changed. But upon one of our visits, the kitchen manager came out to the table and appeared to be either high or drunk.

            Was good the first few times....

          2. I ate there last Saturday. Decent pulled pork, and I liked the various sauces available. Everything else was meh - except the sweet potato fries which were ruined with a coating of sugar and cinnamon.

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