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Nov 24, 2008 11:46 PM

Turkey breast and thigh dilemma

This Thanksgiving I'm trying Mark Bittman's braised turkey recipe, which calls for one turkey breast and four turkey thighs.

Does anyone know where in L.A. I could get good quality, reasonably priced breasts and thighs?

I considered buying an $8 supermarket whole turkey, and hacking it apart myself, but I've heard bad things about the water-injected, hormone heavy Butterballs they tend to carry. Would the separate, pre-butchered breasts and things be any better?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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  1. From a similar recent post....You might want to try Gelsons or Whole Foods.

    1. I'm sure a good butcher can fill a special order for you using high quality turkey. Try Huntington Meats in the LA Farmer's Market or Alexander's Meats, located in How's Market in San Gabriel.

      1. I always buy extra "landing gear" because nobody in the family eats white meat except on sandwiches, and whether I buy the turkey at Whole Foods or not, that's where I always get the added parts. The two big thighs I got there yesterday came to $9. I think they're a bit cheaper at Gelson's, but that would have been an extra trip across town.

        1. Nthing Whole Foods, where most turkey parts are surprisingly reasonable (and very good quality) - except the breast, which is always $$$.

          1. Henrys, if you spend $30, will sell you an organic turkey for .99 cents a pound. Sounds like a bairgain to me. I plan to do the butchering myself and make the Bittman recipe, too. I've ordered two 14 pounders. That's four thighs and four breasts, ought to be enough to feed ten with plenty of leftovers.