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Nov 24, 2008 10:31 PM

The Apple Pan.

Okay, I read an article recently - I think it was the L.A. Times - and someone (was it Frank Gehry?) raved about The Apple Pan and that they had "the best french fries".

I went to the Apple Pan once - a long time ago, and that was enough.

But maybe they've changed.


Those are some of the most awful french fries in the world. Frozen spuds, reconstituted. Like the kind you get in any below average greasy spoon. And the hamburger? I liked the big chunk of iceberg lettuce - gave it a nice crunch, but crunch aside, this burger just blows.

I felt angry and ripped off. I left feeling angry, I questioned Gehry's taste and judgement. (if it was him, tried finding the article on the LAT webside, but maybe I dreamed the whole thing) and every building, every art piece he ever did.

I had to go to Hal's the next day and get a really good burgers and excellent fries.

There are so many great places to eat, in this town, I hate that I spend one meal at a sub standard icon. Blech!

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  1. maybe people do like the apple pan a lot, but i do agree with you on the fries, they are not even as good as the ones at fatburger. on the other hand the, cheeseburgers at the pan along with the pies (except for the apple pie) are great.

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      1. I first ate there in 1953, love the hickory burger although it is overpriced. I do not eat many french frys but the ones there are the best I have ever had.

        1. Here we go again, another boring "It blows - NO it rocks" blah blah blah thread!!!

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            Let's just agree that it blocks - (or is that rows?) and move on. ;-D

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              You're right. That's what I don't like about Chowhound. I wish there was a better way to filter it - say, you could give certain posters whose taste you agree with - some stars. And some people, say for me - like Malibumike who actually likes the french fries I find terrible - no stars. And he could do the same for me. Then we're all happy. (of course the stars would only work for your own Chowhound experience, not a public vote).

              As it is, you have to do some legwork to get Chowhound to work for you. If someone likes a particular restaurant - I'll check and see what their favorites are. If they have some joint that I know to be a dog - I will discount their opinion and move on.

            2. What does fame and money have to do with culinary opinion?

              He's a great more, no less.

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              1. re: manku

                Great architect? I think he knows more about french fries. That Disney Hall looks as if the "Big One" has already hit L.A., and the food inside the Hall makes Apple Pans fries and apple pie seem great.

                1. re: JeetJet

                  I would be shocked if it was Frank Gehry saying anything about fries... or food at all. Just trust me on this one, it probably wasn't him.