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Nov 24, 2008 09:25 PM

Dungeness crab $/lb at your local stores?

I saw $6.99/lb at the Newark Ranch 99 this past Sunday. They didn't specify origin, but the crabs were lively.

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  1. $6.99/lb at Foster City 99 Ranch this evening. Didn't ask the origin as crabs looked pretty lifeless.

    Lobster was $7.99/lb and looked a lot livelier.

    1. $8.99/lb at Whole Foods Potrero.

      1. $7.99 lb at Mollie Stones local, cooked. I remember walking through chinatown as a child with boxes of lively crab in front of the fish markets. I wonder what the prices are in Chinatown, and if there are many crabs at all?

        1. G&G Super in Petaluma has them for $4.99/lb caught local from their own boats out of Bodega Bay. The Santa Rosa location sold out this morning,

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            Bodega Bay update. I tried to do my traditional crab fishing trip with Wills this weekend but the sisters who sold & owned it have moved on to Florida and Oregon. Captain Les has taken over part of the space/business and now its called 'Fish On.' When I spoke with Les he told me that he had already pulled all his gear in because the catch had been so pitiful. Sad but I guess every season is different.
            Spuds had local crab bought from a combination of fishermen, cooked for 6.99. These had some missing legs & weren't gorgeous. The owner usually buys her catch from her son who is a careful fisherman & his crabs are perfect. He wasn't due back in till after I left so I missed out on the really good ones. These were great warmed over the campfire, no plates, shells tossed right into the flames. Not as great as catching them yourself though. The chowder was out of this world, also warmed over the fire in a tea kettle-Yummy times.
            There were two other vendors selling Live crabs. I didn't catch their price. Live isn't the best bet camping so I didn't bother with the messy fuss. One place is when you first roll into town, bay side of the highway and the other was a private residence on your way to Spud Point/Bodega Head on the right.

          2. 6.99/lb at lucky seafood, 8th st in Chinatown Oakland, lively and fat.


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              $6.99 was the going rate in Oakland Chinatown. I think it was Lucky, the young guy was trying to get me to buy some today saying the price would go up tomorrow. I'll just wait until Thursday.