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Brookline eats...Help!

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Will be in town in mid December with my wife and 6 year old son. We are all adventurous eaters. Looking for cool places to eat. And possibly drink a small craft brewed beer. Interested in all cuisines and breakfast, lunch and dinner possibilities.
Appreciate you help.

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  1. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/525476

    Pretty much everywhere is mentioned there. For beer, it's the Publick House.

    1. Your 6 year old might enjoy Roadhouse over the Publick House if you want to imbibe in some craft beer(s). Same owners.

      1. Zaftig's on Harvard Ave serves delicious Deli-style food. It's a great place to go for lunch and there's a playground right next door if it's warm enough for your son to want to run around outside.

        1. Publick House for a Belgian-inflected brew pub.
          Sichuan Garden for Sichuan style cookery
          Brookline Family Restaurant for Turkish comfort food (i.e. Middle Eastern with a twist)
          Shanghai Gate just over the border in Allston for good Shanghai cookery
          Clear Flour Bakery for fine baguettes, croissants and breads
          And many other honorable alternatives as noted in the thread .

          Shanghai Gate
          204 Harvard Ave, Allston, MA 02134

          Brookline Family Restaurant
          305 Washington St, Brookline, MA 02445

          Clear Flour Bread Bakery
          178 Thorndike St, Brookline, MA 02446

          Sichuan Garden
          295 Washington St, Brookline, MA 02445

          Publick House
          1648 Beacon St, Brookline, MA

          1. Japonaise Bakery is very good for Asian pastries & tea or coffee. Taberna de Haro is on the other side of the street and offers great tapas. Zaftigs is always a good bet for sandwiches, breakfast, etc.

            1. Just so you know, Brookline borders Boston, allowing for pretty easy access to a wider geography of possibilities. Dr. Jimbob mentioned Shanghai Gate in Allston, which is a section of Boston with a number of interesting/tasty ethnic places (Saray for Turkish, Suvarnabhumi Kiri for Thai/Cambodian, YoMa for Burmese, Buk Kyung for Korean, Gitlo for all-day interesting dim sum, etc). Just in case you're interested.

              Also Cambridge isn't that far, let alone the rest of Boston.

              1. Thai Food: Dok Bua on Harvard St. in Coolidge Corner is good. Try the Pad Kee Mow noodles--addictive.

                Indian Food: Tamarind Bay Coastal Indian Kitchen on Beacon St. in Washington Sq. Pretty pricey for a neighborhood Indian restaurant, but they have more than run-of-the-mill tikka masala. The daal is superb, as are the fried cabbage cakes (appetizer).

                Irish Food: Matt Murphy's in Brookline Village on Harvard St. Some of the only real Irish food in the city, as far as I know. Most things are very well-executed. Farmhouse plates are quite good (fish is my favorite) and they serve lovely hearty brown soda bread, housemade ketchup with great fries, very good soup, etc. Brunch is also nice.

                Chinese Food: Already mentioned, but the authentic stuff at Sichuan Garden is really good. Cellophane noodles with minced pork is spicy and delicious (my favorite), as is the ma po tofu, dry-fried chicken with chiles, and (for something not hot) the homestyle eggplant is great.

                Soup: Sounds like a cheesy chain, but the New England Soup Factory in Brookline Village makes awesome soup. Best chicken matzoh ball soup I've ever had.