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Frisee in Boston/Cambridge?

Any tips on supermarkets in the Boston/Cambridge area that sell frisee?

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  1. I live well outside Boston. I love frisee but seldom see it sold on its own. However, I discovered that its big cousin, chicory, tastes very similar. The smaller inner leaves look and taste like a somewhat darker version of chicory - and on occasion they are almost as light green in color as frisee. Chicory is available in most supermarkets.

    1. I saw it in the burbs at Stop and Shop. You may try there.

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        It was prewashed and in a bag, but I saw it at Trader Joe's on Mem drive last week. Might see if they still have it.

      2. I've seen it at Alba's Market...Parmenter in the NE.

        1. I love it too and buy it all the time at the Stop & Shop in Quincy MA. I also buy it at Trader Joe's but not all locatiuons seem to have it...I have found it in Cambridge location but not Hanover location. Hope this helps.

          1. I purchased a gorgeous head at Whole Foods (Prospect) last week for a Frisee aux lardons. It was gorgeous, fresh and delicious!

            1. Have found it at WF, but not always. Russo's in Watertown is almost guaranteed to have it, but it might be too far for you to go. Formaggio would be a good bet although I've not bought it there.

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                Me too. Always find it at WFs (any location) and Russo's.

              2. By FAR the best frisee I have bought around here is from the FRUIT CENTER at the MILTON MARKETPLACE.

                It's almost always in stock, almost always very fresh and it's always really cheap.

                Stop and Shop sells it sometimes, but the Fruit Center's frisee is cheaper and much fresher

                1. I've found it regularly at the Market Basket in Somerville.

                  1. I asked for frisee once in the produce department at the Porter Square Shaws (formerly Star). The man stocking lettuce asked me to repeat the word, asked me to describe it, and then said he'd never heard of it and never seen it in 30 years working there. So I guess the answer is not at Shaws.

                    I would go to Market Basket, Savenors, or Whole Foods. Russo's if I was in that area.