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Nov 24, 2008 06:47 PM

Frisee in Boston/Cambridge?

Any tips on supermarkets in the Boston/Cambridge area that sell frisee?

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  1. I live well outside Boston. I love frisee but seldom see it sold on its own. However, I discovered that its big cousin, chicory, tastes very similar. The smaller inner leaves look and taste like a somewhat darker version of chicory - and on occasion they are almost as light green in color as frisee. Chicory is available in most supermarkets.

    1. I saw it in the burbs at Stop and Shop. You may try there.

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        It was prewashed and in a bag, but I saw it at Trader Joe's on Mem drive last week. Might see if they still have it.

      2. I've seen it at Alba's Market...Parmenter in the NE.

        1. I love it too and buy it all the time at the Stop & Shop in Quincy MA. I also buy it at Trader Joe's but not all locatiuons seem to have it...I have found it in Cambridge location but not Hanover location. Hope this helps.

          1. I purchased a gorgeous head at Whole Foods (Prospect) last week for a Frisee aux lardons. It was gorgeous, fresh and delicious!