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low-cost event space with bar for memorial get together

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I am looking for a low to no cost space with a bar that would host a group of friends and kids coming from a memorial service at the Presidio Chapel this Saturday from 5-8 PM. Or, a low cost place that would allow a cash bar hosted by friends of the deceased. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Yikes ... Saturday, moving into prime time hours.

    How many people?

    If it wasn't Saturday night, Fiddler's Green in North Beach has an upstairs area with a bar and dance floor that they let people have for free ...first come, first serve. During the day they are kid-friendly ... however on a Sat night they are NOT. Still you could call. The have DJ's on the weekend upstairs and it is supposed to be quite the scene. However, that doesn't start till 9:30 pm, so maybe something could be worked out.

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      Thanks! you are a doll - that would be perfect and maybe we can make it a little earlier too...not sure of the numbers yet, but thinking about 60?

    2. You might want to give the Thirsty Bear a call -- they have a room upstairs with a few pool tables that would fit 60 people. Nice tapas, too.

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        thanks - another great idea...so good to have this community in times like this.