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Nov 24, 2008 06:22 PM

wimpy mint

I bought some fresh mint in a local health/good food store today... and it is The most tasteless, fragrant-free, un-mint (is "chaulky" unfair in this regard?) I've ever experienced!

My typical view of mint is that it is an overwhelming spice... but not this crap-mint I've just bought.

Am I the only Chow-victim in this non-mint/un-mint scam?

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  1. Essential oils within the plant tissues are what give herbs their fragrance and flavor. Was the mint fresh and lively looking? No limp stems? Could be it had lingered way too long in the farm-to-store process.
    Next time try to inspect it by pressing a leaf between your fingers or even waving a bunch in the air--should release some essential oil. Ask the produce dept employee to open a package for you if they are sealed.

    Mint is the easiest herb to grow in a pot. Likes water but will thrive on neglect. Invasive in the garden. "the eggplant that ate Chicago"

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    1. re: toodie jane

      Mint that has been well watered and fertilized is almost tasteless because it grows so quickly that the new growth doesn't have the deep flavor that we associate with mint.

      I would dry this mint for winter use and then buy a mint plant to grow your own.

    2. I've had that happen before, particularly with mint. I now pick a leaf off and taste it before I buy.

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      1. re: King of Northern Blvd

        Definitely should have done this, though I'm generally not comfortable with doing this in a market it does make sense! In retrospect.