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Nov 24, 2008 05:03 PM

Nice, Lyon and Paris: 12/25-1/03

Hi all,

My sister and I are going to France from 12/25-1/03. Our first stop is in Nice, then Lyon, and finally, Paris. I was wondering if any of you had some stand-out recommendations for us. Also, what's Paris like on New Years Eve? Any "must see/do's?" Many thanks in advance.


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  1. Your question is very open ended. What's your budget? and what are your culinary goals? 3-star places? fun, hip places? "just-good-food" places? historical places?

    Please be more specific. and also, please do searches for each city in this forum. There are many great places already detailed.

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      To partially hijack this thread, do Lyon bistros etc close for the christmas period, say the first week of January? Or will they open normally?

      1. re: mr_gimlet

        in my experience, most of the bistros are open during the holiday season. It's the fine dining places that are closed.

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          Naaaaaaaaah. Try going to La Régalade, Itinéraire or l'Ami Jean and you'll see...

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            I was referring to Lyon. Never been in Paris over the holidays.

      2. If you can get in and want to make an incredibly memorable detour, go south of Lyon to the Rhone, to Valence. There you'll find Maison Pic. Anne-Sophie Pic is an accomplished chef, only the third woman chef to achieve 3 Michelin stars. The food is fabulous, light, elegant, Asian influenced. The rooms are elegant yet comfortable, as is the service. Anne-Sophie is warm, charming, and an amazing talent!

        1. In Lyon go to La Meuniere, it's a great crazy bouchon, maybe some of the best food Ive had in my life, it's the real deal!!! I think no reservations, and it gets packed, go early
          11 rue Neuve - 69001

          Also- La Cantine des Sales Gosses
          was great! lots of foie gras..
          5, Rue Martinière
          69001 Lyon, France

          and the outdoor market to the north of the city center(around the "croixe-russe" area) was fantastic with trucks roasting chickens and miles of produce

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            Outstanding feedback!!! Thank you so much...This is a huge help.


          2. I had another fantastic meal last month at La Voute, Chez Lea on 10 (I think) place Antonin Gorju. it's kinda hard to find, but well worth it.

            Chef Philippe Rabatel has "Inherited" the place from his mentor, Mere Lea, and it is here that I have several times had the very best Lyonnaise salad ever. It's so big I am always tempted to make it the whole meal, but there are always so many tasty plats.

            They're famous for their Chicken in Red Wine Vinegar Sauce, but last month I enjoyed the Civet de Lievre.

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