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Nov 24, 2008 04:51 PM

Fresh Crusty bread in Northern Westchester

Where can one get Arthur Ave type breads(Casa, Olive, etc.) in the Yorktown area?? I have found the Pork Store to have good bread(not great variety) but other than that, I can't find a place where the bread is fresh. I have gone to Turcos and other places where the bread looks fresh but when I get it home the crust has lost its, well, crust. The worst thing for a bread lover is to have a soggy bread.

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  1. I think Turco's has the best bread in the area--I never had a problem with lack of freshness, nor loss of crustiness. Did you try their bread on a very humid day?

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      Maybe I hit it on a bad day! Will give another try.

    2. I agree with others that Turcos is good; I also get good bread in the Croton area at the little A&S deli and Coles Market, both on 9A.

      1. turcos carrys Terranova bread from arthur avenue

        1. One trick I have learned is never let them put your nice crusty bread in plastic - say goodbye to the crust. I usually like the bread at Turcos, but I don't know any place else in the Yorktown area. Chappaqua Village Market has good bread - they bake some themselves and they have the Casa bread.

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            do the terranova bread, better crust than casa bread

          2. A and S in Millwood has both Casa and Terranova bread.