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Nov 24, 2008 04:28 PM

Japanese, Vietnamese or Korean Restaurants in L.A.

I'll be staying in downtown L.A. and I'm looking for some great, inexpensive Japanese or Vietnamese or Korean restaurants. I want authentic restaurants where the food really is outstanding and if you have tips on the specialties of the house please let me know! Thank you.

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    1. japanese
      - izayoi
      - shibucho

      - park's

      - no where near DTLA
      - viet noodle house, but only for their soy products

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          Not great but, Pho 79 in China Town and that other one just outside of China Town are better / more authentic than Blossom.

      1. Take the Purple Line to Koreatown and chow down. Park's BBQ -- get the Tokyo X pork and the Kobe short ribs (and take people with you to help demolish it). Go to Sokongdong or Beverly Tofu House for spicy soft tofu stew (soon dubu jjigae). Go to the Corner Place for noodles, but beware, they don't allow the noodles to leave the premises (no to-go, no doggie bags). Or get the set menu from YongSuSan.

        There are dozens of other places in Koreatown worth visiting, but this will get you started.

        1. The Downtown area is pretty good for Japanese, not great. The best Japanese is found in Torrance/Gardena, 10-15 miles south, or Sawtelle 15 miles west.

          Great Vietnamese can be found 10 miles east in San Gabriel/El Monte.

          If you have a car, I would recommend going to these places for great food.

          Uberbeek's recs for Korean is a great place to start.