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Nov 24, 2008 04:18 PM

Inexpensive dinner in Soho

I'm getting together with a friend tomorrow night for dinner. Her budget is limited. I'd like to try someplace I haven't been there. Have been to: Balthazar, Blue Ribbon, Cipriani, Corner Deli, Dos Caminos Cub Room, Kelley & Ping (not sure they're even open for dinner), Mercer Kitchen, Provence (replaced by some other restaurant), Raoul's, 8 Mile Creek, Mexican Radio, Zoe's and a French place whose name escapes me near the corner of Spring on Cleveland Place. For dinner with this friend, I would lean towards Mexican Radio or Corner Deli if that gives anyone ideas of other restaurants. Much thanks for any help!

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  1. What about Cafe Habana on Elizabeth and Prince? I know, it's not in SoHo per se, but neither are some of the other places you mentioned. If you go, get the corn.

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      Thanks. (You have me perplexed. Which place other than 8 Mile Creek is not in Soho?)

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        What's Corner Deli? Is that La Esquina? That's not SoHo. Neither is Mexican Radio or the intersection of Spring St. and Cleveland Place (Le jardin?)
        Anyway, why don't you go to Café Noir for inexpensive?

        1. re: il Trifulau

          I've always thought of Spring and Cleveland Place as Soho. What part of town is La Esquina/Mexican Radio in?

          1. re: ToastMaster

            It's nominally in Nolita. NoLita = bounded on the north by Houston Street, on the east by the Bowery, on the south roughly by Broome Street, and on the west roughly by Lafayette Street.

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        Lure? Good? yes. inexpensive? not.

        1. re: Rmis32

          Similar to the restaurants TM mentions though.

      2. Try La Sirene on Broome and 6th. BYOB and very good south-west French dishes. Just slightly a bit north or what I would call "inexpensive", but well worth it, especially if you like to drin your own wine.

        1. Lulu' (across from 8 mile) -- my favorite place of the moment. Friendly, beautiful decor, fun atmosphere. Entrees between $13-$18. A very good burger with lots of fries is the $13 part of that. Very good cod and duck a few bucks more. Small plates also avail.

          Other than that....

          How bout Lucky Strike? Not a foodie paradise, but a solid brasserie with decent atmosphere, and reasonable on the price.

          Cafe Habana is great, though the wait for a table and the cramped, rushed feel might not be right you.

          Bar Bossa is also an option. Small hip, lively place with panini's and big salads in a brazilian theme.

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          1. re: thievery

            Thanks for all of your suggestions! My friend and I didn't end up going to dinner but I am going to use some of these suggestions in the future as I love dining out in Soho but I tend lately to go to the same "safe" places like Balthazar

            As for Lucky Strike, I used to go there years ago and I remember the food being very good. I went there in May, though, and the food was bad. Have you been there lately? Maybe I was just there on an off night.

          2. Check out Papatzul...tasty Mexican that won't break the bank.