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Nov 24, 2008 03:29 PM

Ideas for stuffing an onion?

I am planning on making dressing stuffed in an onion this year, mainly because it looks pretty and partly for (sorta) portion control.

I am trying out the Brined then Chipotle Glazed Turkey from Epicurious but finding ideas to go with the turkey felt difficult without the normal sage/ herbs de provence...

I am thinking of making the above mentioned onion stuffed dressing with vegetarian chorizo and/or bacon and some chopped ___________ or (lancino kale). what can i put instead of cashews? Corn kernels? any suggestions?

is that wierd? has anyone made these onions before?

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  1. Why not just use your regular sage/provence dressing in the onion? What on earth is vegetarian chorizo? And then you pair it with bacon? C'mon, are you pulling our collective legs, jeniyo?

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    1. re: nemo

      guah... the turkey was a good idea but i am not sure if it will clash with my regular stand-by herbs. I guess bacon will do. you think i'm just messing with a good thing?

      it sounds goofy. the veg. chorizo is called "soyrizo", picked it up at whole foods.

      1. re: jeniyo

        since you're not vegetarian, it seems a little odd, but most saturated fat should be avoided when reasonable and H de P would probably clash with a Chipotle glaze - so I'd just use the soyrizo and bacon (real, right?) and not mention it unless someone wants the recipe. doesn't sound bad at all, (I generally am suspicious of 'meat' but also have no regrets about mixing it with the other kind). just curious about the texture really. and with a soy product, I'd worry about that round flavor we meat eaters crave if it's expected - don't say chorizo if it's not - hence leave in the bacon if there are no restrictions.

        maybe add some cilantro or something. or substitute cooked quinoa for the bread (thinking a better offshoot of rice stuffed peppers).

    2. Forget the chorizo - go for a very good quality smoked (not honey smoked) bacon.
      "what can i put instead of cashews? "
      Pistachios ...

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        1. re: hill food

          thanks guys. i'm on my way to a crazy dish and hopefully my sister will approve!