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Nov 24, 2008 02:59 PM

Steer 'n Ale--Pretty good!

My boyfriend and I have been passing by this place for the past several years, wondering what the food was like so we finally took the plunge and tried it out yesterday for lunch. I'd say it was more than okay, it was actually pretty good. I had the BLT sandwich on squaw bread which comes with a huge serving of coleslaw and fries (can sub w/ baked potatoe, steamed veggies or cottage cheese). The bread was nicely buttered and toasted and came with lots of crispy strips of bacon, large slices of tomatoes and shredded lettuce. The sandwich was too big to finish and I could only eat half of it.
My bf ordered a burger with jack cheese on rye bread which also came w/coleslaw. Though not the best burger he's ever had, he overall liked the flavor and again, the portion was pretty huge. I would definitely come back again--they have a daily special for dinner, most of them under 10 bucks which includes soup or salad, and even dessert.
Not bad!

Steer 'n Ale
3644 E. Foothill Blvd.
(at Rosemead)
(626) 796-2278
Open 7 days a week, 11:30am to 9pm

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  1. I wonder how they stay in business - I was under the impression this place was closed, since I never see anyone go in or out, and I go to Harbor Freight next door fairly frequently. Isn't this a chain?

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    1. re: Will Owen

      I think they're a family owned place, not a chain. I read they've been in business for over 30 years so must be doing something right. We go to Harbor Freight often too and that's how we found them. If you give them a try, I'd like to hear what you think.

      1. re: Will Owen

        The Tenderloin in La Verne looks very similar, same type of menu, and the server said they were owned by the same people.

        The best deal at Steer 'n Ale is the New York Steak Dinner (steak, potato, salad, & desert) for around $9 on Tuesday's (Today!). I'm hungry, sounds good.

        1. re: heckonwheels

          They also have a pretty good fried chicken dinner on Monday nights. I don't think it is so good when it is not the managers special and they are thus doing it in lots of batches. Last night there were two large groups of around 20 people each, and I was pretty surprised to pull in and find the lot full. I don't eat there more than a few times a year, and that was the busiest I've ever seen it.

          Their salad and their soups are pretty disappointing. The ribeye is good, but I tend to make that myself, unlike fried chicken which I never make.

          1. re: MaryT

            Steer 'n Ale is great when you're on a Sizzler budget but want better food. Yep, the salad and soups are pretty pedestrian...I'm not really a fan of their fries either...but when you want a steak (or chicken or pork chop or...) and a baked potato, with a cheap glass of wine or beer, you'd be hard pressed to find a better place for the price.

            Speaking of great, cheap rib eyes, try Rudy's in Monrovia for a delicious 13 dollar rib eye meal. Comes with rice & beans instead of potato, but it is a delicious and large steak.

        2. re: Will Owen

          Ok, pop quiz at the end. Steer and Stein is a small chain with locations at one time here in the Inland Empire and Antelope Valley (not sure if they all are still alive); Steak and Stein is (was?) affiliated with the Clearman's restaurants, and Steer N' Ale is "family" owned, by a couple of guys who've kept it running since sometime in the late 70s iirc,...any confusion is understandable.

        3. I used to go to Steer 'n Ale frequently for lunch when I worked nearby. Their country fried steak was as good as I've had anywhere.

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          1. re: Sam D.

            Okay, that does it. I'm so there. Just probably not until after the TG furor... But I will render a report.

          2. Steer N' Ale has pretty good lunch specials. I usually get the Bacon Wrapped Filet for $5.95. It's small but good, comes with a baked potatoe and garlic bread. I get a dinner salad for about 2 bucks more. Worth a stop.

            I also have been going to Robin's Wood Fire BBQ on Rosemead for the Wed & Fri all you can eat rib tip special. It's $12.95, comes with some excellent blueberry cornbread and a side. Tips are well smoked, the fries are fresh cut and the bluecheese pecan coleslaw is great. Great price and also worth a stop.

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            1. re: floyd_the_barber

              I will admit I go here because of location. I just want to correct my poor post earlier, the fried chicken Monday special is $6.75 with the same fixes, dessert, and what I meant to say is it is better when they are doing it as a special, but my text implies the reverse (bonehead). I like chicken to fall off the bone so I order it well done.

              And heckonwheels was much better at saying what there is to say. The entree, the potato, the cheap house wine . . . adding up to a great deal. If I were working in the area, I would take advantage of their lunch specials occasionally for sure. The other night they handled those 2 groups well despite the fact they are not usually busy.

              And I too like Rudys ribeye, but it is not as close for me and sometimes you want that potato and veggies instead of the rice and beans.

              My younger son says it looks a little mildly fakey Las Vegas with the decor! I think it is quaint/funky. I think it changed ownership in the last year or two. Most of the prices went up -- except for the managers specials.