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Nov 24, 2008 02:32 PM

Encompassing LA for a one nighter.

This friday my oldest and dearest girlfriend is visiting from the Frozen tundra that is Ontario Canada.
We haven't seen eachother in 2 years and want a place where conversation will be easy and not overheard by a crowded seating arrangement.

I want to show her LA at it's best, will cab from West LA, open to anything but shelfish(she is allergic).
And here is the kicker, i don't want to ruin her as this is her treat. We aren't big drinkers so a good wine list is not a priority.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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  1. Hm, how much would it be to "ruin her"? For example, I'm guessing certainly something like Providence would do the trick to wipe out her wallet, but what about Lucques or AOC? I've done both at less than $100 for two people, no drinks. But, if those are too expensive, then maybe consider Lucques' Sunday Supper or just eating at the bar, which is much less expensive and still very good. The Hungry Cat (which may or may not get loud, depending on the night) might be another option. Pizzeria Mozza is a great option as well, though it definitely lends itself to overcrowding and noise. I would recommend sitting at the bar for a little more room and a lot more quiet.

    1. I'm not sure what the weather is supposed to be like, but what about the back patio at Wilshire? I'd really try to take her somewhere that showcases how beautiful LA is in November.

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        Wilshire patio is a great idea. while it's not cheap, without wine it won't be crazy expensive (and the cab fare from West LA will be a lot less than going to any of the places in Hollywood or Weho).

      2. Hatfield's fits the bill.
        Food is top notch. The prices are (relatively) reasonable. They have a $46 prix fixe. The waitstaff is extremely courteous. The restaurant is quiet and very condusive to an intimate conversation. One of LA's best. Get's it right in so many ways.

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          genevieve, if for some reason you don't go with the 'baby' prix fixe menu at hatfield's, be aware that every entree they offer is over $30 for just the entree.