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Nov 24, 2008 02:27 PM

Multi-office party in Calgary

Hi we just had a multi-office party in Edmonton at the mayfield and it was amazing!! great food and band. now hubby has asked me to find one for his office in Calgary HELP!!! I am having no luck at all. Could anyone please help?

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  1. What's a multi-office party? How many people, how much are you looking to spend? We need a bit more info. :) I don't know what the Mayfield is.

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      the Mayfield is a hotel/restaurant in Edmonton. what a multi office party is when a bunch of different companies share the same party. With the mayfield it was 50/person and this included your dinner and live band dance. it is used often here (in Edmonton) with smaller offices that want the feel of a office corporate party but have not enough staff. you book your tickets and they set up tables for your company - it really is a GREAT concept!!!! Hope this helps

      1. re: neeny21252

        Interesting! I've never been to this sort of thing so I'm not sure... but I think I would try one of the big hotels first, maybe one with a good restaurant. I know the Hyatt downtown has Thomsons, and they're supposed to be quite nice. I have no idea what facilities they would have for something like that though.

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          We were married at the Hyatt, DH's former firm has had their Stampede party there since they outgrew the P club. Food and service has always been top notch. I'd say the Hyatt was well equipped to accomodate the OP, they may be rather booked up by now though(if there weren't a bunch of cancellations due to the economy that is).

            1. re: Jigga

              That's the one :) And either you're with the firm or have been to their parties?

    2. The Delta downtown used to have multi-office parties a few years ago, not sure about now. Maybe check them out.

      1. There is a multi-office party organized through the Stampede organization. Last year it was in the round-up center in one of the big rooms. There's a big buffet, bar and a band.

        1. THANK you all so much!!!!!!