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Nov 24, 2008 01:41 PM

Can this chicken be used for stock?

I probably already know the answer to this question, but thought i'd find out what other chowhounds think. My sister called and asked whether I thought a week old Costco roast chicken was too old to make stock with. This is one of those completely cooked roasted chickens they sell (absolutely delicious and cheap for $4.99, btw). They never got around to picking off all the chicken so she was going to throw the chicken with meat still attached along with some vegetables and herbs, into the slow cooker to make chicken stock. Do you think this is still safe to eat/make stock with?
I usually throw my chicken bones into a zip lock bag and keep them in the freezer until I have enough bones to make stock. I'm a little unsure about whether this chicken is past it's prime for making stock. What about the chicken that's left on the carcass? If you cooked the whole chicken overnight in the slow cooker, would the picked off meat be safe to eat if you were to make chicken vegetable soup?


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  1. Cooked chicken that's been hanging around for a week should not be eaten, even if it smells okay.

    1. Of course you can make stock with it. The stock has to simmer for hours to develop and concentrate flavor. Completely safe.

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        I would agree with Sam except the OP did mention a slow cooker. I would do it on the stove to make sure of temp being reached and yeah, some reduction to concentrate the flavor.

        1. re: Quine

          I did it once on the range in a big pot at a simmer, luckily I woke before it cooked down completely and it was fine. but I think I added more water and cooked it some more.

          'course I was younger then and had a stronger constitution. Now I use your method of freezing and using as needed, mschow.

      2. Pick off the meat (otherwise you'll end up with broth) and go ahead and use that carcass to make a flavorful stock. It's not like the bones are spoilt!