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Nov 24, 2008 01:31 PM

Non-Carnitas Ideas For Pork Shoulder

I'm making pork in addition to the Thanksgiving birds. We normally do traditional carnitas cooked in lard but want to try something a little different for the holiday, although we will still be making fresh tortillas.

Ideas appreciated...nothing spicy please.

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  1. Cochinita pibil.
    Web up a recipe for the oven, and if you are worried about heat, then simply use less chile.

    I sure do love Carnitas though (and what's not to love - besides that fact that your arteries might close just if you look at it.)

    1. I have a great recipe for crock pot chili verde if you have access to tomatillos. Or, how about pulled pork... that's good made with a pork shoulder

      1. I prefer pork shoulder for chili verde...

        1. you can make pulled pork sandwiches with cole slaw and north or south carolina barbecue sauce on hamburger buns. very good.

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            I agree with BBQ pulled pork. I was gifted a crock pot the week before last and the first (and only, so far) thing I made in it was Carolina Pulled Pork. I made the cole slaw as well and served it on rolls, but why not toss it all into a tortilla? I made a rub for the pork and let it sit for twelve hours before cooking. It was delicious!

          2. Pernil al Horno is a great garlic-marinated roast pork dish. Very popular in Puerto Rico. Super easy to make. And oh, so sabroso!! Just make sure to let it slow roast until the meat is falling off the bone.

            There's a good recipe at