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Nov 24, 2008 01:25 PM

Via Matta / have you been recently?

Have not been here in quite some time but always found the food and service to be spot on. Thinking of going for our Anniversary dinner next week....any recent experiences?
Thank you.

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  1. How recent does this have to be? We ate there in May, so that's 6 months ago. Everything we had (2 apps, 2 entrees) were delicious. My only complaint is that place is very noisy as we went on a Saturday night (@6:30!). Also, not particularly a romantic place for an anniversary dinner IMO. I guess the restaurant wants to go for a trendy/hip style, because all the waitstaff wear jeans, which I thought was a bit casual. I was surprised by that given the rather upscale location and the prices.

    1. Went there for my wif'e's birthday a while back and they pulled out all the stops. We loved every minute of our experience there. Mention that' it's a special event and they will recognize your special day. I recommend Via Matta for your anniversary dinner. W/B about how it goes if you decide on going here.

      1. My sister was just there on friday and raved. She said the food, cocktails are service were perfect. I have eaten there too but not in a year or so but when I did I thought it was very nice.

        1. I was there a month ago and everything was great - service, food, prices. It's one of my go-to places in Boston these days. I have dreams about that chicken milanese...which probably signals some kind of problem, but it IS delicious!

          I'd also recommend the house-made ricotta - it's incredible. And they always have a creative crudo appetizer.

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            I also LOVE their chicken milanese to the point of it being a problem. I seldom order anything else for a main. But I have had several of their apps including the ricotta, they usually have a burrata and there is a crunchy eggplant app that is tasty.

          2. I've been twice in the last month or so. Both times the food was mind-blowing. The venison ravioli were SOOO good. Plus, the basil lime gimlet is truly the best drink ever created.