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Nov 24, 2008 01:14 PM

Tott's Sparkling Wine - is it drinkable?

It's part of BevMo's Buy 1 get 1 for 5 cents sale, and I have a case sitting in my shopping cart right now, for a holiday party in a few weeks. But I really have no idea if it's drinkable or not, and I'd hate to be stuck with a case of really bad wine, no matter what the price!

Has anyone out there tried it? I'm not looking for anything mindblowing...just palatable and bubbly! Also, would you recommend to Brut or the Extra Dry? Thanks in advance!

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  1. It may be too late for this answer, as you may have exited the store by now. The last time I imbibed any Tott's -- which admittedly was decades ago -- I remember only the headaches. My palate, at that time, was not as evolved, so I'm sure it went down easily. I never tried it again!

    1. I have a coworker who raves about how good Tott's is - finally about a year ago I broke down and bought a bottle for something like five bucks.

      At first pop and pour, I was shocked at how reasonable it was. But, when the bottle was no longer ice cold and the fizz started to die away, I couldn't stomach it any further.

      If this is for a party with people who aren't big into wine and will be drinking out of plastic glasses, then why not? If nothing else, buy enough of something else for the first round of drinks and serve this later in the evening.

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          Hate to say it but Tott's is one of those, "No thank you I'll just have water" wines for me and fully back up the nasty headache...got one after one glass of the stuff.

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            Well, at least it's better than Andre! ;^)

            1. re: zin1953

              But not by a lot. Same for Cook's. They have bubbles, albeit large ones, but there, the similarity to good sparklers/Champagne ends.

              However, if you are mixing these as Mimosas, or Kir Royale, then it might not matter.


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                  No way, Kir royale wants at least a passable wine. Sure you're messing with it, but not enough to cover up the turpentine in the nose, nor the fact that it's carbonated like Coca-Cola. Mimosas maybe, but at least do your guests a favor and add 100 mg of aspirin to each ;-)

          2. People who drink Tott's will serve it ice cold as mentioned and any wine at that temp offers almost no flavor. It is cheap so people will buy it. Is it good, NO.

            1. Ought to be a good pairing with 'taters.

              Sorry, couldn't help myself.