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Nov 24, 2008 12:27 PM

new beer hall in Gowanus/South Slope

Just wanted to give folks a heads up about a new beer hall on 3rd Ave and 12th St. in Brooklyn that seems really promising. I popped in for a couple of beers this afternoon and was impressed. The space is beautiful-- lots of dark wood and great lighting. Plenty of seating at booths and tables. They don't have bar stools yet (?) but when they do you'll be able to sit at a beautiful 360 degree wrap-around bar.

The beer and food are heavily German/Austrian. They had a bunch of drafts-- I'd say 12-15-- and about 200 bottles to choose from. I got a Kostriker (nice dark lager) on tap and a bottle of Celebrator. I also got a basket of the fried, salted croutons, which are a ridiculously addictive drinking snack. They have a bunch of house-made sausages on the menu, but I wasn't hungry enough for that. They don't have hard liquor yet, but said they would after the new year. All in all, if you like beer and schnitzel, this place is definitely worth checking out. I'm pretty sure I'll be back later this week.

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  1. thanks willie, sounds like i need to give them a try. does it have a name?

      1. I went there on their second day open, a Sunday and enjoyed it except for one, minor detail: water.

        Sure, who goes to a beer hall and wants water? Well, everyone eventually. But what was curious is they did not and would not serve tapped water. Only option for the H2O was to order a $5 bottle of Voss. The waiter explained they had just had the health department in and said they couldn't use their tap water. I figure they misunderstood the health inspector. I thought water had to be provided at a restaurant if requested by a customer.

        It wasn't me who wanted water, but a companion. He declined but the water was brought out anyway and just as he was refusing the water the waiter opened the sealed water and made him buy it anyway. It was very awkward for all. We were a party of 6 who had 2 or 3 drafts each along with a couple plates of sausage (which was very good).

        I hope this was an isolated experience as I otherwise very much enjoyed the place. Could the waiter have gone rogue and was working towards a heavy water commission???

        Anyone else been there since and manage to get some good old fashioned NYC top-o-the-line tap h2o at the right price?

        I'd like to go back, but cannot in principle go to a place that will serve water only for a hefty price.

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        1. re: 7foundry

          "He declined but the water was brought out anyway and just as he was refusing the water the waiter opened the sealed water and made him buy it anyway."

          wimps! ;-)

          nobody can "make" you pay for that. or let me rephrase that. nobody could make ME pay for that...

          1. re: 7foundry

            Theres a post about this place on gowanus lounge (I think) and it seems like they have a ton of attitude for a new place in a not-exactly-ideal location. Seems like they'd make a greater effort to please the first timers, something about word of mouth....

            1. re: 7foundry

              I'm pretty certain that it's illegal not to give you tap water if you ask for it. And the stuff about the health department has got to be crap—first of all, NYC tap all comes from the same place and as we all know is extremely clean and healthy as major-city tap water goes, and second, do they wash the vegetables and their hands in bottled? Unless they do, this is rubbish and a plain old scam.